Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Do you want to change lives?
Change yours first.
One degree can
make a world of
to the lives of others
 Our graduates: Preventing missed doses
– Victorian Public Healthcare Awards
 Our researchers: Saving lives at birth
– One woman bleeds to death every three
minutes in a developing countries
– Engineer an oxytocin powder
 Our students: Mathew Peck Traveling
– Alex Bongers travelled to Toulva
– Researched and implemented treatment
programs for non communicable diseases
including type 2 diabetes
One degree can
make a world of
difference …
to your life
Core knowledge and hands on experience
 Vocational skill development
– Professional Experience
– Research Project
– Industry Placement
 Pharmaceutical science students: High
Performance Liquid Chromatography
 Pharmacy: Virtual Practice Environments
and MyDispense
Get more than a degree
 Choose an elective in research or
 Complete a summer research
 Undertake a professional
experience placement overseas,
 Join faculty’s student leadership
 Run a club
 Mentor a new student
To make a difference
start here.
We might be one of the oldest pharmacy schools in
Australia, but we are also the most innovative and
globally recognised.
 World-class partnerships
– Servier and GSK
 Leading the profession
 Game changing education
– GlaxoSmithKline and Pharmatopia
 Fantastic facilities – great location
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
New entry requirements
Supplementary Information Form
 This will replace the UMAT for entry into Pharmacy and
 The form is available to download at
or can be completed online at
 All VTAC applicants (international and domestic) must complete
 Applicants must still list pharmacy on their VTAC preference list
How will the form be used?
 Model answers will be used to give applicants a rating for their form
 Rating will be used to re-rank applicants who are middle-band or
borderline cases.
 All re-ranked applicants will still need to meet the published minimum
prerequisite study scores.
 The Supplementary Information Form is not to be used for the purpose
of special consideration.
What will the form ask?
Changes to prerequisite requirements
 Pharmacy, pharmacy/commerce and pharmaceutical sciences have all
had their prerequisite subject scores lowered
 VCE: 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other English, and 25 in
chemistry, and 25 in mathematical methods (CAS) or specialist
 IB: 4 in English SL or 3 in English HL or 5 in English B SL or 4 in
English B HL, and 4 in chemistry SL or 3 in chemistry HL, and 4 in
mathematics SL or 3 in mathematics HL.
 Assessment last year showed students with lower scores still had high
enough ATARS to be competitive for these courses.
 We don’t expect this will affect the clearly-in ATAR score in 2013
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Science
Better medicines by design
Pharmaceutical Science
 Pharmaceutical science is the chemistry,
biology and technology of medicine.
 It plays a role in improving human health
and wellbeing: by researching and
developing reliable, accessible and
effective treatments for patients
 Learn from “world class” academics and
have the opportunity to undertake
research with MIPS
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Advanced with Honours
Are you looking to start research as an undergraduate student?
 Prepare students for
postgraduate study and a
research career.
 Solid foundation in fundamental
science + research know-how
 Three major areas of study –
drug discovery biology,
formulation science and
medicinal chemistry
 Please note this course is
currently not available for
international students.
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Advanced with Honours
 Multiple research projects and an honours
project in fourth year
 Opportunity to attend research seminars
 Academic mentors
 Student Ambassador program
Entry requirements
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science Advanced with Honours
 4 years full-time (Parkville campus)
 3 years Bachelor + 1 year Honours
 ATAR: Unknown, recommend 90
 Prerequisites : 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other English, and 25 in
chemistry, and 25 in mathematical methods (CAS) or specialist
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science
“a job-ready science degree”
 All students undertake a 4 week
placement in the third year of the
– A research placement where they
complete a project
– An industry placement where they
work on a self contained project
Three major areas of study
 Medicinal chemistry
– At the intersection between biology and chemistry - explore the chemistry
of drugs
– How medicines work, are designed and made.
 Formulation science
– Formulate, design and evaluate medicines and other products
– Cosmetics, foods, consumer and agricultural chemicals and paints.
 Drug discovery biology
– This new major draws on the expertise in MIPS – best in Australia
– Explores the biotechnological aspects of drug design and evaluation
– Apply your biology knowledge to investigating and evaluating new drug
Careers in biotech and pharma industries
plus food, cosmetics, consumer chemicals and more!
 analytical chemist
 industry consultant
 biotechnologist
 intellectual property manager
 cell biologist
 medicinal chemist
 clinical trial researcher
 nanotechnologist pharmacologist
 cosmetic chemist
 product development specialist
 development chemist
 professional, government and legal
 drug analyst
 drug discovery and delivery scientist
 drug evaluation specialist
 educator and academic
 environmental chemist
 formulation chemist
 quality assurance scientist
 Regulator
 regulatory affairs specialist
 technical sales and marketing manager
 …and more…
Entry requirements
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science
 3 years full-time (Parkville campus)
 2012 ATAR: 82.3
 Prerequisites : 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other English, and 25 in
chemistry, and 25 in mathematical methods (CAS) or specialist mathematics.
 Bachelor of Engineering/ Pharmaceutical Sciences
 5 years full-time (Parkville and Clayton campuses)
 2012 ATAR: 92.1
 Prerequisites: English, chemistry mathematical methods and one of biology,
physics or specialist mathematics
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
It’s about people’s health
Pharmacists are medicine experts.
They are actively involved in patient care,
either in hospital or in the community and
work to ensure patient treatment therapies
are optimised.
Did you know a pharmacist can…
 Work in regulatory affairs,
marketing and business
 Undertake research
 Work in developing countries
 Specialise in emergency medicine
or paediatrics
 Undertake Home Medicine
 Work for the Army
 Advise the government
Practical Experience
 Innovative learning
– MyDispense (Dispensing)
– Virtual Practice Environment (Patient counseling)
 Practical Experience Program
Every pharmacy student completes 12 weeks of compulsory practical
placements in third and fourth year
– Hospital pharmacy (2 x 3 weeks)
– Community pharmacy (3 weeks)
– Rural pharmacy (3 weeks)
International opportunities
 The elective International
Experience in Pharmacy
provides an opportunity to
experience an international
placement in the UK, USA or
 Spend a semester in Malaysia.
Bachelor of Pharmacy students
can undertake an intercampus
exchange with Monash’s
Malaysia campus.
The Petronas Towers, KL
Internship and registration
 48 week internship following completion of the Bachelor of
– 48 weeks training supervised by a registered pharmacist
– completion of an approved internship course.
 Pharmacy Board of Victoria Registration examination
 Monash University offers an approved internship course which can
lead to a postgraduate qualification
– Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice (Internship)
– Master in Pharmacy Practice
Entry requirements
Bachelor of Pharmacy
4 years full-time (Parkville) + 1 year of internship
Bachelor of Pharmacy/ Commerce
6 years full-time (Parkville and Clayton campuses) + 1 year internship
Entry requirements
 ATAR (aim for 95+ )
 Prerequisites :
 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other English, and 25 in chemistry, and
25 in mathematical methods (CAS) or specialist mathematics.
 Monash University Supplementary Information Form (Pharmacy)
– Your motivation for the course,
– what qualities you feel would make you a good pharmacist
– details of any relevant employment and/ or community involvement