Summative Assessment

Method used to evaluate learning and
summarizes the development of learners at a
particular point in time
Can be used to see if educational standards
are met and to assess curriculum
A type of evaluation used by multiple
professions and well documented in literature
When: Friday, 1/17/14
 Breakfast: starts at 7:30am
 Check-in is 8:15 to 8:45am
What to bring
 Be sure to bring identification
 “Your best effort”
 Assigned computer lab: 520, LRC, or Patient
Care Lab
Individualized assessment and feedback
Enables a “practice” atmosphere for upcoming
evaluations by the same exam writers (Nat’l
Association Boards of Pharmacy)
Provides additional incentive for retention of
skills and knowledge
Early identification of areas of needing
improvement to ensure timely progression
Provides college with objective data
concerning student learning and retention
Brings together goals and objectives of
courses and curriculum with teaching and
Faculty receive an additional mechanism of
feedback regarding their coursework
“Pharmacy Curricular Outcomes Assessment”
Developed by writers the National
Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)
Has been used in assessment of P1 to P4
“Scaled assessment” (0 to 700)
No preparation required other than rest
The PCOA has been evaluated in multiple
trials since 2008 in US Pharmacy schools. It
has proven to assess knowledge in the
following areas:
 Basic biomedical sciences
 Pharmaceutical sciences
 Social/behavioral/administrative sciences
 Clinical sciences
Recognition at graduation for top two
Letter of recognition from the Dean’s Office
for top 10%
Overall examination scores above the college
mean will be rewarded with one “free”
(automatic 100%) PPS Quiz in PPR 4260
If perform below prespecified breakpoints in
any PCOA content section
 Generate a student development plan.
Students that do not adhere to the above
plan will receive a negative professionalism
report per the College’s Student
Professionalism Curriculum Policy and report
to Dean of Student’s Office (DOSO)
Unexcused absences will result in DOSO
Details of student development plan
(deadlines approximate)
 Typewritten by the student
 Meet with Learning Community Peer Mentor by
 Meet with Faculty Advisor by 4/25/14
 Dated and signed plan by above turned into
Summative Evaluations Chair by 4/30/14.
Good night’s sleep the night prior
Be well nourished and caffeinated in the
Bring your identification to the exam