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Customer Centric Online Tools for Job Seekers and Employers
Online Employment Services
Fred Nesrallah
Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa
As the Employment Ontario system attempts to reach
maturity through integration with other ministries and
client groups, the need for online self serve employment
products has now become one of the highest priorities of
the modernized employment service delivery system.
The benefits of providing the more capable client groups
and employers with online self serve is that service
providers are able to develop greater organizational
capacity in providing “in person services” to the
vulnerable client groups who are at risk of long term
• Developing an Online Customer
Centric Employment Centre
• The Virtual RI including
Events Registration and Management
• The Talent Management System (TMS)
• Online Services for Job Seekers
• Online Services for Employers
• Implementing an Online e-Learning
and Certification Program
Developing an Online
Customer Centric Service
Customer Centric
Customer Experience
Internet, Phone and In-Person
24 /7 Availability
Computer, Smart Phone, and Tablet
Protection of Information
Customer Centric
• Customer-centric, in its simplest and most
pure sense, means making the customer's life
easy; designing processes that are focused on
delivering a positive experience to the
customer; making it extremely easy for the
customer to learn about you, buy from you,
and get support from you when they need it.
Customer Experience
• A customer experience is an interaction
between an organization and a customer as
perceived through a customer’s conscious
and subconscious mind.
• It is a blend of an organization’s rational
performance, the senses stimulated with the
emotions evoked and intuitively measured
against customer expectations across all
moments of contact.
Federal and Provincial
Government Initiatives
Self Serve Examples
• Working in Canada
• Service Canada EI Online
• Online Application for Social Assistance
• Employment Ontario Self Serve
• Homework Help
The Virtual RI
The Resource and Information Centre
The Virtual RI including Events
Registration and Management
Workshop and Information Session Outlines
Online Self Registration and Cancelation
Email Reminders
Limited Data Collection
Data Collection mapped to EOIS CaMS RI Input
Video Media using Tube Technology
Share your Best Practices Slide Share
Product Demo
The Talent Management System
The Talent Management System
• Talent management refers to the process of
developing and integrating new workers, as well
as developing and retaining current workers.
• Job Seeker Inventory
• Job Order Inventory
• Applicant Tracking
• Job Seeker Tools
• Employer Tools
Populating the Talent Management System
Supply Inventory of Skills
and Experience
• Main Stream Job Seeker
• Downsized / Mass Layoff
Impacted Workers
• New Graduates
• Internationally Trained
• Youth Talent
and Services
• Career Events
• Job Orders
• Out Placement Services
• Coaching Services
• Professional
Development and
Talent Management Services for Employers
Products and
• Corporate
• Medium and Small
• Contractors
• Staffers
• Recruitment and
• Career Events
• Outplacement Services
• Job Postings
Talent Management Products and Services
Job Seekers
Self Serve
Self Serve
• Job Search Agents
• Resume Profile
• Daily Job Alerts
• Resume and Cover Letter Templates
• Job Digging
• Social Network Integration
Candidate Inventory
Job Posting
Application Management
In Person Service
Resume Digging
Social Network Integration
Job Posting Analysis - Career Decision Insight (CDI)
Analyze Job
Order Activity
• NOC Categories Mapping
• Job Title Variations
• Technical / Business /
Behavioural Competencies
• Numerical Opportunities
• Frequency
Life Cycle of Application
Number of Candidates
Filled / Unfilled
Revised or Unmatched
Patterns Across Employers
Product Demo
Online e-Learning and
Certification Program
Implementing an Online eLearning
and Certification Program
• Web based e-Learning Products available on
and off site
• Focus on Behavioural, Business and Technical
• Group and Individual Learning Environment
• Encourage Testing and Evaluation
• Develop Certification Program
• Utilize Multiple Training Vendors
Product Demo
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