Academic Sports Club of Warsaw University of Technology

Skills are merely a vain invention, just a folly of the brain
or idle fun so long as they are not used for the benefit of nations.
Stanisław Staszic (1755-1826)
Founder of Technical Education in Poland
On 15 November 1915, Warsaw University of Technology began teaching independently as the first
Polish technical university. However, its traditions go back much further. For almost 190 years, the
University has been educating generations of engineers, thereby making a vital contribution to the
technical sciences.
In 2015 Warsaw University of Technology is celebrating 100 years of the its Revival.
Chosen for a four-year term of office, the Rectors oversee the fulfilment of the Mission
of Warsaw University of Technology, an important assumption of which is adaptation
of the education process and scientific research to the vision of the society of the future.
WUT in figures
Fields of study
19 faculties + 1 college
Ph.D. students
Participants of postgraduate study
Students of studies with foreign language
as the language of instruction
Academic teachers
Teachers with the degree of professor
Teachers with the degree of associate professor
Teachers with the Ph.D. degree
Non-academic employees
International cooperation agreements
∑ 34135
∑ 1248
∑ 36955
WUT in rankings and competitions
Polish Ranking of
Universities 2014
Constantly first place in „Technical Universities” group
and additionally in „Prestige among employees” category.
Ranking QS w kategorii Engineering
& Technology
Best Polish technical university.
QS University Rankings Emerging
Europe and Central Asia 2014/2015
28. place in general summary of the ranking, WUT came
before other Polish technical universities.
The Times Higher Education BRICS
& Emerging Economies 2014
First place of all technical universities from the Region.
Report of the Ministry
of Science and Higher Education
For five years , Warsaw University of Technology has been
the university of choice for most candidatesfor five years.
University Structure
 Faculty of Administration and
Social Science
 Faculty of Architecture
 Faculty of Chemistry
 Faculty of Electronics and
Information Technology
 Faculty of Electrical
 Faculty of Physics
 Faculty of Geodesy and
 Faculty of Chemical and
Process Engineering
 Faculty of Civil Engineering
 Faculty of Materials Science
and Engineering
 Faculty of Production Engineering
 Faculty of Environmental
 Faculty of Mathematics and
Information Science
 Faculty of Power and Aeronautical
 Faculty of Mechatronics
 Faculty of Automotive and
Construction Machinery
 Faculty of Transport
 Faculty of Management
 Faculty of Civil Engineering,
Mechanics and Petrochemistry
 College of Economics and Social
Sciences (Płock)
Fields of study
Aerospace Engineering
Architecture and Urban Planning
Automatics and Robotics
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical and Process
Chemical Technology
Civil Engineering
Computer Science
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Protection
Finance and Accounting
Geodesy and Cartography
Management and Production
Materials Engineering
Mechanics and Machine Design
Paper-Making and Graphic Arts
Power Engineering
Spatial Planning
Technical Physics
Warsaw University of Technology offers over 100 postgraduate studies. Classes are
conducted by experienced specialists with great knowledge and appropriate teaching
qualifications. Unique curricula combine knowledge of scientific employees of Warsaw
University of Technology and experienced professionals from the industry.
WUT Distance-Learning Centre – OKNO PW offers classes in the e-learning mode. During
”distance-learning” students have contact with the lecturer via an education portal during
office hours of the university. OKNO PW prepares teaching aids which allow to acquire the
knowledge in an effective way during the student’s individual work. These aids include
multimedia, as well as remote laboratories which enable to conduct virtual experiments.
Warsaw University of Technology Business School is a joint venture of Warsaw University
of Technology and three renown European partners: London Business School, HEC Paris
and Norwegian School of Economics. A great advantage of the School is the multicultural
European character of studies, both in the case of lecturers and students. Classes are
conducted in English. The teaching staff comprises of the highest class specialists –
lecturers from renowned Polish and foreign universities. Great attention is paid to
participation in classes of experienced professionals from prominent companies.
International cooperation is one of the priorities of Warsaw University of Technology.
The Centre for International Cooperation is responsible for activities connected with
international cooperation at WUT, supports other units of the University in their
international teaching and research activities, initiates and facilitates international
exchange programmes and serves as an information point for students.
Monitoring of Professional Careers of WUT Graduates
78% of graduates declares that they would choose the Warsaw University of Technology
once again.
45,8% of those presently employed found a job within less than a month.
89% of WUT’s graduates perceives themselves as happy people.
WUT graduates are most often employed in companies from the IT sector - 11%,
architecture/civil engineering – 7,7%, aviation and space technology – 6,8%.
*Study conducted by the Careers’ Office from February 2014 to April 2014
Curiosity of the world, striving to learn about new fields of science are not age-dependent
- we learn all life long! It does not matter if you are 3 or 63 – it is never too late or too
early to study at Warsaw University of Technology.
 Third Age University – lectures, laboratories, tutorials, workshops
for people over 50.
WUT Junior – learning through fun for primary and secondary school pupils.
Academic Research Centres play the role of academic and industrial units and conduct
interdisciplinary research, service, training and promotional activities:
Academic Research Centre for Functional Materials
Academic Research Centre for Power Engineering and Environment Protection
Academic Research Centre for Aerospace Engineering
Academic Research Centre for Defence and Security
Academic Research Centre for Business at the Faculty of Mathematics
and Information Science
The University is a member of research consortia, which combine the potential
of outstanding scientists from various universities and other scientific institutions with that
of entrepreneurs who wish to implement new technologies:
Centre for Pre-Clinical Research and Technologies (CePT)
Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT
Warsaw Technological Space – WUT Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer
Management is an original project of Warsaw University of Technology. The activity
of the Centre covers the area of commercialisation and technology transfer, in particular:
 identification of innovative results of research work conducted
by Warsaw University of Technology and other Mazovian scientific units,
 developing new solutions in the field of technology transfer
and innovation management.
On 14th November 2014 the Senate of WUT accepted the objectives of the Warsaw
University of Technology Long-term Investment Programme for 2015-2026.
In the next 11 years fifteen already existing, mainly historical buildings of WUT will be
redeveloped and regenerated. Almost 70 thousand square metres of new usable space
will be created as part of the investment project.
WUT library and information system is the Main Library with its branches, which have
in total over 1,500,000 volumes of printed books and journals and circa 10,000 electronic
journals, over 136,000 e-books. The Main Library also has a collection of old prints, maps
and an invaluable collection of over 36,000 photographs connected with architecture and
urban planning. Most of the collection is available online via the Warsaw University
of Technology Digital Library.
At Warsaw University of Technology there are over 100 student research groups. Research
projects conducted by students allow to combine knowledge gained in the course of study
with practical skills. These projects often have a pioneering character and attract outside
 PW-Sat – first Polish satellite launched to the orbit.
 WUT Solar Boat – an innovative project of building solar powered boat.
 WUT Racing – a project of designing and building student F1 bolid.
Warsaw University of Technology students may realise their interests beyond studying
at a technical university by being active in artistic groups:
 Warsaw University of Technology Song and Dance Ensemble
 Warsaw University of Technology Academic Choir
 Folk Dance Company "Masovia” of Warsaw University of Technology Płock
 Entertainment Band of Warsaw University of Technology ”The Engineers Band”
 Warsaw University of Technology Theatre
Cultural activities at Warsaw University of Technology are supported by student clubs:
 Stodoła - one of the biggest concert clubs in Warsaw, set up by students in 1972
 Remont - the place of parties with club music and performances of young rock bands
 Mechanik - its tradition dates back to the 60s, a daily meeting place of students
of the Faculty of Mechatronics
 Amplitron - belongs to the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology,
founded in 1970
University media
Student Internet TV
Student Internet Portal
WUT student radio and the first academic radio in Warsaw
WUT Students’ Cultural Monthly
WUT Newsletter
Social Media
A unit which organises and conducts sports classes is the Physical Education and Sports
Centre of Warsaw University of Technology, which, with the Academic Sports Club
of Warsaw University of Technology (AZS PW), develops physical education of students
and enhances mass sports activities. AZS PW sportsmen regularly participate in masters
sports competitions. Pride of the Club is its volleyball team playing in PlusLiga.
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