Noah`s Visual Schedule and Social Story, “Hands to Myself”

Noah’s Visual Schedule and
Social Story, “Hands to Myself”
By Michele M. Lansinger
Using images from Boardmaker
And Autism Inspiration
My originals were lost!
• My school computer was re-imaged and I
lost all my original work this week! I have
taken photographs of my assignment, as I
decided to actually utilize it with my
student. I created the book with
Boardmaker at my work site. Noah is
using the visual prompts for “On the Bus”,
on a “ring”, along with a “circle time”,
“hallway”, and “center time” page.
Noah is disruptive on the bus
• In an effort to alleviate stress to Noah and
his peers as he arrives at school, Noah is
using a 6 picture Visual Schedule to assist
him in a safe ride.
• sit down
• don’t touch anyone
• quiet
* hands in lap
* friendly
* school bag
Hands to Myself
• The following social story, Hands to
Myself, was created for Noah to use at
home and at school. Noah’s mother is
receptive to keeping routines consistent
and has agreed to read the story each
morning BEFORE Noah rides the bus to
school. He is able to locate a copy of this
book in his morning Pre K class as well.