school night presentation


Mrs. Jamie Keefer

Welcome to Back to School Night!

Please find your child’s seat and check out the information. Give your child a

“High 5” note on the hand for them to see tomorrow morning!

Welcome to Fifth Grade!


 Introduce myself

 Share classroom expectations and behavior plan.

 Explain the fifth grade class schedule and course work

 Discuss upcoming field trips and classroom festivities

Please feel free to ask questions at any time!

All About Me

My background:

 Raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania G O S T E E L E R S

 Earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Lock Haven University. I also hold a minor concentration in Reading.

 Working on Masters of Education with Reading

Specialist certification at Cabrini College

 I previously taught 3 rd grade in Maryland

 This is my forth year teaching 5 th grade, and my 3 rd year at Coebourn Elementary!

My Goals

 To give your children the academic and social skills they need to progress to sixth grade.

 To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment.

 Encourage a classroom environment that exemplifies respect and team work.

 To foster each child’s curiosity for learning, expand on their understanding and challenge their imaginations!

Fifth Grade Schedule


– 9:05

Morning Announcements

9:05 – 10:10 Math

10:10 – 10:45 Reading

10:45 – 11:00 AM Recess


– 12:00



– 12:30



– 1:10


1:10 – 1:50 S.S./Science

1:50 – 2:30 Writing

2:30 – 3:10 Specials

3:15 Dismissal

What did my child do today in school?

Reading – Read “A Package for Mrs. Jewls” and analyzed the five major story element of the story structure.

Writing – Read “My Rotten Red headed Older Brother” and completed a quick write on a memory in their life.

Math – Learned how to represent decimal place value which includes the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths as a decimal and fraction

Social Studies – Finished the post cards for the American


Baseball Behavior Plan


Since this year’s room is a TEAM theme, the behavior expectations are established around a baseball theme. Addressed below are the guidelines for student behavior:

 The Baseball Behavior Plan will be kept in the student’s Assignment Planner .

Each month the students will be given three baseballs.

 If he or she forgets homework, does not follow school or classroom rules, or is disrespectful they will loose a baseball and receive a strike . The reason why he/she received a strike will be recorded (located on the sheet stapled to the front of their Assignment Book)

 Three strikes in one week initiates a phone home . I understand that life happens and we all have our bad days, but there is no excuse for disrespectful behavior or poor preparation.

With each earned baseball the student will receive a bonus point that can be added to any graded test and/or project OR a new homework pass.

Classroom Expectations

1. Raise your hand to speak and use inside voices

2. Make good choices

3. Treat others how you would want to be treated

4. Keep your desk and classroom neat

5. Keep your hands and feet

To yourself!

School Rules

 Be Respectful

 Be Responsible

 Be Ready

Language Arts

Journey’s (Houghton Mifflin)

Guided Reading – small group instruction targeted at the student’s instructional level

Reinforcement of major skills and strategies


Spelling book

(This is new this year!)

Word Work

Students will be expected to get a library card from their local library.

This is free of charge and provides immense opportunities!


Reading Counts

Scholastic Reading Counts is a program purchased through the district to enhance students’ reading.

Students will read a book and then they are assessed on a 10 question quiz. They must have

8/10 to pass and receive points.

The thicker and more challenging the book, the more points and the more words.

Expectation for 5 th grade is 30,000 words a month , that’s ONE chapter book a month

(Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Writer’s Workshop

Being a Writer

 Focuses on the writing process as well as building a community of writers.

 Main Modes: Informational, Persuasive, Narrative

 Students are expected to be or to become proficient across the 5 domains of writing:

*Focus *Content *Style *Organization *Conventions

Writing will be assessed this year through PSSAs in March



Grade Math

enVision Math

 Aligned to the Common Core State Standards

 Technology Integration

 Hands-on activity with every lesson

 Differentiated Instruction

 Online component where the

Student can watch videos for

Each lesson at home



The fifth grade students will be switching classes for Social Studies and Science. This allows a greater opportunity for the students to explore and understand the content.

Three major units of study:



Motion and Design

Social Studies

Social Studies Alive!

 Geography

 American Indians Land and


 How/Why Europeans came to the New World

 Early English Settlements

 Colonies and Great Britain

 American Revolution

Switching Classes

For Science and Social Studies:

The students will be switching for Social Studies and Science.

They will spend approx. 6 weeks in each subject before they change subjects. Mrs. Wooleyhan, Miss Synder, and I will change classes for Science. This allows the teachers to become “experts” in our area and best teach the curriculum to your child’s needs.

When Emailing another teacher (You child has myself, but you have a concern addressed to Mrs. Wooleyhan) Please “CC” the

Email to the homeroom teacher and the other teacher.

* CC – Homeroom teacher

* Send to Subject Teacher


 Homework will be assigned in class and finished at home to apply the student’s understanding.

 If homework is incomplete the student will complete it at recess and/or may receive a strike (expectation plan).

 Homework is graded for completion and will be reviewed in class. The student can expect approximately 50 minutes of homework each night, which is age appropriate.

 If a student is absent, he or she will be given an extra day to complete assignments. I also encourage students to call classmates to get missed assignments!

Reading Logs are expected to be signed every weekend and returned to school on Monday.

Students are highly encouraged to read

15– 20 minutes every night!

Grading Policy

(Posted on Pinnacle Grade book)

 Standards-Based

Report Card

 4=Advanced

 3=Proficient

 2=Basic

 1=Below Basic

 Averaged composite score for tests, quizzes, homework, and projects

 100% - 92% A

 91% - 84% B

 83% - 76% C

 75% - 70% D

 69% and below “E”

State and District


 Fall and Spring writing assessments

 Fall, Winter and Spring

MAP assessment for

Reading and Math

 PSSA Reading Preparation

Tests and homework assignments are given approximately once a month during the fall and winter.

English Language Arts

PSSA Testing Window:

April 13-17, 2015


PSSA Testing Window:

April 20-24, 2015

Make Ups: May 4-8

Student Absences

 If your child is absent you may request that any missed work be sent home with a sibling or a friend, or it can be picked up at the end of the day.

 Please attempt to call the school before 9:00.

 Missed in class work may require a parents help in order for your child to learn a unfamiliar concept, or may need to be made up during class upon return.

Best time for Doctor’s appointments 9:00 – 9:45 a.m.

Parent Information

 Complete the “High Five” for your child

(The blue schedule is for you to keep!)”

 Conference Sign Up Sheet (December)

 Homeroom help is appreciated. Please fill out

“Parent Volunteer” sheet on your child’s desk if you are interested in helping out in this class!

There’s a pile on the back to table to turn them.

Study collections