Setting up Your Interact
BY RA Routsong
What is an Interact Account
 Interact is the CCSD on-line communication system.
 Administrators, Teachers, Support Staff, and Students use
interact to:
 Collaborate on various projects
 Share ideas with colleagues
 Get help when needed
What can Interact do for YOU!
 Provide you with an email address
 You can send email to people outside of the CCSD system
 You can receive email from outside the CCSD system
 You can communicate with your teachers and fellow
 The system can also be used to send and receive graded
projects between students and teachers
In Addition…
 You will be able to collaborate on the same document with
your classmates or group mates.
 You will have access to your schoolwork stored on Interact
from anywhere.
Netiquette Rules
 When replying to a message:
 Use good manners. Write every message as if your
parents, teachers, and friends will read it.
 Classroom writing rules apply; reread, edit, and check
spelling before sending.
 Make messages short.
 Always fill in the Subject: line.
 Sign your message with your first name only.
To Log onto Interact
 First Class Icon on Desktop
 If no Icon
 Go to Start
 Go to Programs
 Click on First Class
 Enter your 6 or 7 digit student number for your name
 Enter your First Name Initial In Uppercase then your Last
Name Initial in lowercase then your student number
Your Interact Username
Your First Name + Middle Initial + Last
Initial + Grade + School Code (548)
Roger Allen Smith, a 9th grader at NWCTA
would be:
Your Email Address
This would be the address that anyone outside the
Interact system would use to communicate with
Roger using his Interact email account.
The address is not case sensitive.
It is a good idea that you change your password
since your log-on password is your student
Mrs. Yates must have a copy of your password in
the event that you forget it.
If you change your password and do not notify
your instructor, it is a serious infraction of the
To change Login Password
Click on Collaborate
Click on change password
Follow instructions in password
Email your Password to Your
Click on NEW
Enter subject as password
Send TO: Rachel Yates followed with
the ENTER key
In the body of the email enter your
new password
Click on send
Anything you put on line never goes away.
Make sure that any emails you send contain only
information that would not embarrass you if your
teachers, parents, grandparents, and friends were
to read them.
Email is NOT PRIVATE!!!
The End