“The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for
breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison
men because they are different from other men.”
~Lyndon B. Johnson
Students 18+ register to vote!
•Click here to register online
•You may also receive forms from Mr. DiCicco
•Once registered you can vote for national, state
and local level elections.
“Bad officials are elected by good citizens
who do not vote.”
~George Jean Nathan
• You Can Decide
▫ You have a voice, so use it
and don’t let other people
decide for you.
• Its Your Right
▫ People have fought hard
their whole lives to vote,
and some countries still
cant. Don’t take the right for
• Representation
▫ Want politicians in office
who represent your needs
and concerns? Then vote.
• Every Vote Counts
▫ Votes can get very close
(Governor Election in 2004)
• Democracy. For the people, by
the people, of the people.
▫ One person can voice
everyone’s opinions in one
larger voice
• “So you get a fresh 'I Voted'
Reasons to Vote for School Issues
Keeping Our School Facilities:
• Benefits of small classrooms
• Availability of clubs
• Availability of sports
• Variety of Electives
• Class Trips
• School Budget
Wednesday, April 27
Note: This years election falls on Gateway’s
Spring break. If you will be away, (students on
Senior Trip) you can and should vote by mail.
Click here for form.
•Phone: 856.848.8200
•Address: 775 Tanyard Road, Woodbury
Heights, NJ 08096
•Gateway’s Website
Presentation created by: Kaitlyn Zuzulock
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