Politics Learning Log 18th May 2015

Politics Learning Log
Learning Logs need to be returned by 18th May 2015
On the 7th May all adults across the country have the right to vote for the next leader to run the country
in the General
Election. For your next learning log task imagine that you are a candidate and you want
people to vote for you. Choose one or more of the following activities to carry out to encourage as many
people to vote for you.
Write a manifesto for your
Choose a name for your party
party. A manifesto is a list of
and design a symbol to represent
promises (what you will do for
your party. Remember to give
reasons for your choice.
Design an election poster to
encourage people to vote for
Election at
people who vote for you).
Prepare a speech which you will
deliver to the residents of your
constituency (the area you look after)
and tell them what you plan to do to
make their area a better place to live.