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Why Conduct a District-Wide
Evaluation of Special Education
Programs & Services?
Walker Partnerships
A Division of Walker
Needham, Massachusetts
Our Mission
Walker Partnerships was created to assist schools in building their
capacity to serve students within their own school districts with
school-based wraparound services.
By systematically addressing the needs of an individual student,
schools can make critical changes that allow more and more
challenging students remain in their classrooms, while also creating a
more personalized, effective, and integrated educational approach that
enhances the quality of instruction for all students.
Strength of Programs and Services
A district-wide evaluation will assess and identify:
Which special education programs and services are working
How your district special education census compares to state
averages and like-districts, by disabilities, expenditures, and out-ofdistrict placements
Trend lines for your district
Best practices and effective management strategies
Compliance with state and federal requirements for annual program
Evaluation Methodology
Walker Partnerships conducts a thorough review of all
pertinent written documents related to special education:
 Budgets
 Practices and Procedures
 Census by Disabilities
 Previous Program Evaluation Reports
 Program Descriptions
 Staffing Patterns and Assignments
 Job Descriptions
 Pre-referral Practices
 Roles and Responsibilities
 Over/Under Identification
 Professional Development Offerings
 Legal issues
DESE Coordinated Program Review
Evaluation Methodology
One-on-one, 30-minute interviews with a cross section of
24 to 36 general and special education school-based
personnel, administrators, paraprofessionals, and parents
Detailed report, containing:
Factors that affect the implementation of special education
Findings and comparative data from like-districts and the state
Recommendations and detailed explanations
Identification of Program and Service
For your school district, Walker Partnerships can:
Provide a thorough examination of the current status of programs
and services
Provide significant program and service enhancements
Identify the special education professional development needs of the
Identify effective utilization strategies for related service providers
and paraprofessionals
Provide a cost analysis of special education expenditures and cost
containment strategies
Results of a Walker Partnerships
Detailed recommendations with a full explanation for
each recommendation
Comparison data to assist with program and service
Cost analysis that can be used to justified program and
service expansion and new program development
Strategies to improve program operations throughout the
Walker Partnerships Experience
Walker Partnerships has conducted more than 70 special
education program evaluations, covering a wide range of
programs and objectives:
24 District-Wide Evaluations
8 District-Wide Specific Program Evaluations
14 Building–Based Assessments
20 Specific Program Evaluations
11 District-Wide Grant Reviews [740 & 262]
Contact Walker Partnerships
For information on Walker Partnerships services and special education program
development for your school system, visit or contact:
James B. Earley, Ed.D., Managing Director
Nora Rushford, LICSW, Deputy Director
781- 820- 9982
James Shillinglaw, Associate Manager For the Southeast Region
339-237- 7531
Robert McArdle, Associate Manager for the Northeast Region
Pat Davis, Clinical Coordinator
Tamera Barrera, Educational Coordinator
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