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School Resilience
Date: 28th Jan 2012
Pete Hardy, Amie McGrory and Mark Conway
63% of schools
in Central
What you're ‘hot’ on!
Emergency plan
Emergency Contact Details
Plan activation
On-site evacuation
School closure arrangements
Staff trained to assume others roles
Resilience of records
What you are ‘a bit
cooler’ on
Business continuity plans
Off-site evacuation arrangements
Lockdown procedures
Post incident support arrangements
Joint plans with co-located facilities
like pre-schools and mutual aid
• Resilience to loss of utilities
Business Continuity
As a group, identify some of the most important
parts of your schools jigsaw, then discuss the
arrangements your school has in place to replace
the pieces and minimise disruption. If you have
your plan with you, you should use it.
Scenario: Its 12:30 and there has been a toxic chemical spill from a
tanker that has been involved in an accident, the chemical is now
airborne and it’s not far from your school. The police have advised that
it is not safe to be outside the building until they have contained the
incident: this could take over 8 hours. You need to activate your
lockdown procedures immediately suppressing air ingress to the
building as much as possible.
Task: Discuss how you would do this, follow your plan if you have it
with you:
Is your plan sufficient, would it work?
Would you automatically go for your plan
Would you form your School Emergency Management Team?
What are the issues this may cause
what actions do you need to take as a school to manage these issues?
a. Managing emergencies in schools (guidance document).
b. Emergency Plan Template (this includes business
continuity arrangements)
c. Practical resources for producing, training and exercising
a school emergency plan
These are available on the Schools Portal:
National best practice website:
Standards to aim for
• ISO 22301 2012 – International Standard
(Align, Comply, Certify)
• ISO 22313 – Guidance Document
Summary and next steps
• Making the links
• Your current plan
• If you don’t have a plan, now might be a good time to get
your school leadership team to commit to complete one
• Governors – check and challenge, make sure good
arrangements are in place, validating plans by testing
arrangements and checking training
• Go for the standard
• The most resilient schools – those in Central Bedfordshire
School Resilience
Pete Hardy - Compliance and Risk Advisor
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Amie McGrory - Emergency Planning Officer
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Mark Conway – Emergency Planning Officer
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