Clive Elementary Curriculum Parent Night Power



Backgrounds can be changed and content should be edited for your grade level.

**Thanks to Julie F and first grade for the draft from which we are working.

Teacher Introductions

 Mr. So-and-so

 Miss Collaboration

Outcomes from this Evening

Learn expectations for content

(literacy, math, etc.) and behavioral learning

Become familiar with my child’s schedule

Learn about the new Learner


A Parent’s Influence

Student Expectations

What students expect of each other

Red and Green Folders

Reading Log/ Math Homework

Home Conversations

My expectations for students

Behavior Management Plan

Parent Expectations

 Reading Log – comments

 Fitzgerald Free Times

 Home Conversations (M & W)

 Reading Strategies Hand

Doing whatever it takes to help your child succeed!

Literacy Major

Goals/Essential Outcomes

1. Goal

2. Goal

3. Goal

Parental Support

Literacy Curriculum

Breakthrough to Literacy Reading


Take Home Books

Home Conversations

Individualized Software Instruction

- Shared Reading

Guided Reading


Being a Writer

Everyday Math Curriculum

 In the classroom you will see

Problem solving based on everyday situations

Revisiting of concepts regularly

Frequent practice of basic skills through games

Content beyond basic arithmetic

Everyday Math Curriculum

 Skills your child will learn

Counting, place value, fractions, money, fact families, problem solving, collecting and using data, using tools to measure length, capacity and weight, clocks, calendars, timelines, thermometers, ordinal numbers, 2dimensional shapes, 3-dimensional shapes, patterns, sequences, finding missing numbers…

Parent Letters & Homework

Social Studies & Science Units

Clive’s Learner Compact

• Student learning and high achievement

• Effective and frequent communication between school and home

• Building capacity for the family/school partnership through volunteering and training.

Positive Behavior Supports

• PBS pamphlet School-Wide System; it ensures a safe orderly learning environment

• Benefits of program and how it will help our students

• Classroom reinforcement system (marble jar, etc.)

• Teachers teach, monitor, and reward appropriate behavior.

• Classroom management plan aligns with the school-wide PBS system.

• Communication

Other Resources

 Guidance Counselor

Simonne Stricker

Reading Resource

Rachael Binder, Connie Seery,

Anne Olson

 Title One Math

Micah Rayner

Volunteer Opportunities

 List here (math game day facilitator; class newsletter publisher; mystery reader; etc)

Learning can be tough but try, try again because you can get it right!

(pic of class)

Thank you for coming!