Introducing… new on the SOCIAL STUDIES WEBSITE PBS Teachers Activity Packs

PBS Teachers Activity Packs
provided by
Explore educational resources and activities from PBS
with their library of Activity Packs.
Each one focuses on a curricular theme and includes links to great PBS
resources and supplemental activities by recommended grade level.
The following categories are posted on these High School webpages:
World History topic for 6th Six Weeks: “Genocide”
U.S. History topic for 6th Six Weeks: “Patriotism”
Government topic for 6th Six Weeks: “Constitutional Controversies”
… and for Economics
BrainPOP wants to help students build financial literacy skills
and come to a better understanding of what they're hearing
about in the news with their Spotlight: Financial Literacy -- it's
free throughout April, which is Financial Literacy Month.
“The Spotlight includes new movies on banking, mortgages,
and more. You'll also find content covering everything from the stock
market and taxes to comparing prices and credit cards. The featured
quiz ("Mortgages") and all related Activity Pages are free as well.
The goal of our Spotlight: Financial Literacy is
to help get parents, teachers, and students
alike talking about healthy financial habits. To
that end, we invite you to share the Spotlight's
movies on your curriculum website. You can do
that by adding our Financial Literacy Movie
Player. Once embedded, the player will
automatically rotate one of BrainPOP’s
Spotlight movies each day in April. Starting in
May, it will take viewers to BrainPOP’s
permanent Financial Literacy unit.
Austin ISD Bureau of Curriculum; Social Studies Department
April, 2009
The recent addition of these
new features to the
Social Studies website were
made possible thanks to the
continued support of our friends
in Instructional Technology…
thanks Hanneke!