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Welcome Parents
TCDSB 2012
“It takes a
whole village
to raise a child”
Old African Proverb
Using the gospel values as the anchor for
literacy learning, we are committed to assisting
students to become confident and reflective
readers and writers who apply Catholic values
to life's opportunities, challenges and choices.
Those who use literacy take it for granted - but
those who cannot use it are excluded from much
communication in today's world. Indeed, it is
the excluded who can best appreciate the notion
of literacy as freedom.
UNESCO, Statement for the United Nations Literacy Decade, 2003-2012
Ministry of Education and
Curriculum Documents
The Literacy Continuum
Student Success
7 to 12
Literacy in the
Middle Grades
Grade 4 to 8
K to Grade 3
What strategies do literate
learners use?
Meaning Maker
Code User
Text User
Text Analyser
Write, write, write
Check for
Talk, talk, talk
Tell stories…
“When I come to a
word I don’t know….”
Working together…….
Parents and schools work together in
partnership to develop and nurture a love of
literacy. Children look to adults as role
models. By watching these adults, they
begin to develop their own attitudes and
values towards reading and writing.
Read every day……
Student A
20 min./day
Student B
4 min./day
In one week
20 min. X 5 days =
100 min./week
4 min. X 5 days =
20 min./week
In one month
100 min. X 4 weeks =
20 min. X 4 weeks =
400 min./month
80 min./ month
In one school
400 min. X 9 months =
80 min. X 9 months =
3600 min./ year (10 days)
720 min./year (2 days)
By the end of
grade 8
10 days X 8 years =
2 days X 8 years =
80 days
16 days
Use the 5 finger rule when you
choose a book to read!
• Read a page in the middle of the book.
• Put up one finger for every “clunk” you
0 fingers – too easy
1-3 fingers – just right
4-5 fingers - quite hard
5+ too hard for now
When I come to a word I don’t know……
I look at the pictures.
I make the first sound.
I slide my finger under the word.
I look inside the word for parts I know.
I blend the parts together.
I skip the word and read to the end of the
I go back and re-read asking myself:
Does it make sense?
Does it sound right?
Does it look right?
Write, write, write….
How can you support your child?
Resources for parents…..
Reading as a Family
Summer Reading
TCDSB brochures
Websites: parent site on tcdsb
Toronto Public Library
“The desire to read is not born in a
child. It is planted by parents
and teachers.”
-from Jim Trelease The New Read-Aloud Handbook
Gotta Keep Reading….
• Ocoee Middle School - Gotta Keep Reading
- YouTube