Soul Surfer - Kay Jernigan McGriff


Soul Surfer


By: Bethany Hamilton with Sheryl Berk and Rick Bundschuh

Published By: Pocket Books and MTV


Bethany Hamilton

Bethany is a teen girl who loves to surf. She is from a small surf town in Hawaii. She can’t imagine her life without surfing. Bethany has won many surf competitions and dreams of going pro.

She even has sponsors. Her best friend Alana surfs at her side with just as much skill.




Bethany has two older brothers, Noah and Tim.

Her dad, Tom, was born in New Jersey and moved to Hawaii after college. Her mom, Cheri, was born in California and moved to Hawaii soon after college also. Bethany also has a dog named Ginger who loves a lot.



On Halloween morning Bethany gets up to go surfing with Alana and her family. She has no idea this could be a life changing decision. Tom is having knee surgery at the local hospital on this very same morning. Out on the water it is very calm.

Bethany and Alana wait for a forming wave. Then before anyone can see it a shark comes out of nowhere. Bethany’s life if forever changed.

The Hospital


The injury caused an amputation of the arm and a few weeks in the hospital. Bethany was devastated she couldn’t surf. Her parents and brothers were just as devastated. She had her entire island praying for her.

Will she ever surf again?

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Book publisher – Pocket Books & MTV Books

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