hair should be tied/pushed back - Histon and Impington Junior School

The Year 6 team are
Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Hilton,
Mrs Shute, Mrs Inman and Mrs Lee
Aim of our chat
We will talk about the following:
 Year 6 overview
 Year 6 expectations
 Helpful reminders
 Example timetable
 Literacy
 Maths
 IPC – International Primary Curriculum
 Homework
 E-Safety – use of the internet
 Parent consultations
 Parent helpers
 Secondary School
 School Visits
Welcome to Year 6
Year 6 Overview
September – booklet about the secondary school open evenings
sent home with pupils.
7th and 12th November 2013 - Parent Consultations
Bikeability Week 8.10.13 – 11.10.13 or 14.10.13-18.10.13
January/February – National Curriculum Test evening for
May (12.5.14 – 16.5.14) - National Curriculum Tests
Grafham Residential Trip Monday 14th July – Wednesday 16th
July 2014.
June 16th/17th - Two day induction at IVC
16th June - New Parents Evening at IVC
July - Leavers Disco and performance
Year 6 Expectations
Independence – being prepared for lessons!
Responsibility for own actions – follow class
behaviour code.
Year 6 special responsibilities.
Star cards – house points
Praise – class rewards
HIP points
Time Out
A few helpful reminders
School uniform - black shoes.
PE kit should be in school all week.
For colder weather, PE kit should include tracksuit
bottoms and a sweatshirt (other than their school jumper).
All items of the PE kit need labelling.
PE T-shirts should be in the correct house colour.
Bike racks – no specific places available, must wheel bikes
down the drive at the end of the school day.
Water bottles need to be labelled and kept water tight.
No jewellery should be worn except stud earrings and
watches. Earrings cannot be worn for PE unless recently
pierced in which case they should be taped over.
All hair should be tied/pushed back out of eyes for PE
and for learning in the classroom.
An example timetable
Reading Journals:
Children are expected to read/discuss texts 3
times a week to someone at home.
Encourage children to read a variety of texts
e.g. newspaper articles/leaflets/magazines etc.
Please refer to the questions and targets in the
Reading Journals.
 Writing:
Themes covered in Autumn term – Fiction
genres, developing narrative, poetry,
journalistic, argument.
Children read through work, edit and improve.
New Reading and Homework
Units in the Autumn term – four rules,
money and real life problems, fractions,
decimals and percentages, ratio and
proportion, handling data, using a
calculator, shape and measures.
Mental maths – quick recall of all
multiplication and division facts up to
Application of understanding in word
problems/real life situations.
International Primary Curriculum
IPC overview for this year:
 Brainwave
 Fit for Life
 Fairground Forces
 Mission to Mars
 The Tudors
 Go with the Flow
Homework is set on a weekly basis.
This alternates between Literacy/other subjects and
Maths (e.g. one week Literacy/other subjects, next
week maths).
Homework should be presented to the same standard
as class work – black pen (not biro), sharp pencil,
We expect homework to be completed by the
Wednesday/Thursday after it is set.
If a child gets all homework in on time they receive a
homework certificate at the end of each term.
Children are expected to use the
internet responsibly and safely.
E-Safety is discussed with the children
and they are made of aware of the
potential dangers of the internet,
mobile phones, e-mail, instant messaging
(msn), social networking sites
Starz – the children have a Starz
account which they can access from
Parents Consultations
Consultations are scheduled for:
Autumn (November)
To make an appointment, sign up initially in
the hall and then on the list outside the
It is important that we see all parents.
If you have any queries or concerns please
don’t feel you have to wait until parents
Parent Helpers
If you would like to help in school,
please speak to your child’s class
The School Office will complete a DBS
check first.
Secondary School
Open days/evenings (IVC Monday 8th
A letter will be sent with your child’s
unique number to apply online for their
secondary place.
Tell the school that you have done this
using the return slip.
Grafham Water - 14th – 16th July 2014