Power Point Presentation - National Technical Honor Society

To honor student achievement and
leadership, promote educational excellence,
award scholarships, and enhance career
opportunities for the NTHS membership.
NTHS is Committed to:
 Providing the highest quality recognition for outstanding students in
career and technical education,
 Supplying excellent services to our diverse and multi-cultural
membership and member schools,
 Providing scholarship opportunities for its members,
 Creating new and emerging relationships between the educational
community and business and industry,
 Being a flexible organization on the leading edge of technology and
constantly responding to change,
 Maintaining financial responsibility to meet our increasing needs,
 Sustaining growth, innovation and continuous improvement based
upon ongoing evaluation.
 in 1984 by Allen Powell and Jon Poteat
 as a not for profit organization
 to recognize outstanding students in vocational education.
 to improve the image of vocational education
As the image of career and technical education improved and the
word “vocational” became obsolete, the name of the organization
was changed in 2003 to National Technical Honor Society.
NTHS has seen continuous growth since its’ inception.
Member School Benefits
 A recognized and proven program with over 3400 member schools
and colleges in the US and abroad.
 Contributes to a strong, positive school image and encourages
service learning in the local community .
 Helps schools build and maintain active partnerships with local
business and industry.
 Encourages the involvement of parents, family and industry in the
educational process.
Member School Benefits
 Encourages higher student achievement and success.
 Membership develops self-esteem and pride.
 Helps schools attract and recruit more qualified students
into career and technical education programs.
Member School Benefits
Partnered with BPA, DECA, FCCLA, FBLA/PBL,
HOSA and SkillsUSA in promoting excellence in
career and technical education.
Member Benefits
Membership is an important career and
professional investment recognized by
education, business and industry.
Member Benefits
Members receive a membership certificate,
presentation folder, pin, ID card, graduation
tassel, a letter of recommendation customized
for the member’s career portfolio, window decal
and official NTHS seal to be applied to the
member’s diploma or training certificate.
Member Benefits
 Personal letters of recommendation for employment,
college admission and scholarships provided by the NTHS
National Headquarters.
 Potential opportunities to be recruited by top corporations,
colleges and universities.
 American Careers Journal
 Job Board
 Opportunities for discounts and special member pricing
The online catalog offers graduation and ceremonial items
to add prestige to your induction and honor programs.
Member Benefits - Scholarships
Over $500,000 in scholarships have been awarded since 2007
$150,000 to be awarded in 2013:
Jon H. Poteat Scholarships $125,000
CTSO and other scholarships 25,000