Cost Center Requests/Chartfield Action

Cost Center/Chartfield Action
When To Fill Out Forms
• A new cost center/program is needed
• Need to change a title of a cost
• Change the cost center manager
• Need to inactivate a cost center/program
- Must make sure no transactions/budget in current fiscal year (1074
section 1) and Asset/Liability/Fund Equity balances are zero (1074 section
1) Complete the cost center/program forms in
the Microsoft Excel file
2) Obtain appropriate approvals
3) Attach appropriate backup that explains the
purpose of this cost center/chartfield action
request (Emails, contracts, 1074 reports, etc.)
4) Email Budget Office the forms filled out in
Excel with appropriate backup attached
• Two approval options
1) If forms are completed by administrative staff
– obtain approval by Dept/College Business
2) If forms are completed by Dept/College
Business Administrator – obtain approval by
Dean of the college
Fund Codes
2063 – Designated Tuition – Student Fees
2064 – Designated Tuition
2072 – Indirect Costs
2078 – Sales & Services – E&G (Contact
Budget first)
• 2080 – Other E&G (Contact Budget first)
• 3056 – Auxiliaries – Sales & Services
• 9008 – Agency – Independent Operations
Fund Codes
• Ledger 4
• 4027 – Gifts received to fund scholarships
• 4028 – Endowments to fund scholarships
• 4041 – Gifts received to fund non-scholarships
• 4042 – Endowments to fund non-scholarship
Program Code Letters
A - Instruction
B – Research
C – Public Service
D - Academic Support
H – Scholarships (Dept. should be D0908)
I – Auxiliaries (Only use with Ledger 3)
Program Code Letters
• A – Instruction
• This category includes expenditures for all
activities that are part of an institution’s
instruction program.
• Credit and non-credit courses, academic,
occupational, vocational and technical
instruction, remedial and tutorial instruction, and
for regular, special and extension sessions should
be included.
Program Code Letters
• B - Research
• This category includes all expenditures for
activities specifically organized to produce
research outcomes. Can be either internally
or externally sponsored, but must be
separately budgeted.
Program Code Letters
• C – Public Service
• This category includes funds expended for
activities that are established primarily to
provide non-instructional services beneficial
to individuals and groups external to the
Program Code Letters
• D - Academic Support
• This category includes funds expended primarily to provide
support services for the institution’s primary missions –
instruction, research and public service.
1) Includes the retention, preservation, and display of
educational materials
2) Academic administration (dean’s salaries/office expenses)
3) Technical support (computer services, audio-visual
4) Separately budgeted support for course and curriculum
Program Code Letters
• H - Scholarships
• This category includes expenditures for
scholarships and fellowships including tuition
remissions and exemptions – from restricted
and unrestricted funds – in the form of grants
to students resulting either from selection by
the institution or from an entitlement
Program Code Letters
• I - Auxiliaries
• This category includes expenditures or
services offered that do not directly affect
students obtaining a degree (cafeteria,
student lounge, student life center, etc.)
• For Ledger 3 only
Cost Center Definition
• How to get to the Cost Center Definition
• Log in to Peoplesoft
• Go to UHS Finance
• Business Processes
• GL
• Cost Center Definition
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