Parents Presentation SATs 2014-2015

Aims of the session:
 To ensure that parents are aware of
the SATs tests in Maths and Literacy
undertaken by Year 6 children next
 To ensure that parents are aware of
the help and support available
When: 11th – 14th May 2015
Timetable for Level 3-5 Tests:
 Monday: English Reading Test
 Tuesday: English Grammar, Punctuation
and Spelling Test
 Wednesday: Mental Maths Test and
Maths Paper 1
 Thursday: Maths Paper 2
 Friday: Science Tests x 2 (internal)
11th – 14th May 2014
Level 6 Tests (afternoon)
Monday: English Reading Test
Tuesday: English Grammar,
Punctuation and Spelling Test
Thursday: Maths Paper 1 &2
English SATs
There are two tests:
• Reading Comprehension paper –
time limited – 1 hour
• Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
paper – 45 minutes (new in 2013)
Content of Reading Paper
Three texts (not linked by a theme)
Types of questions:• Short answers
• Several line answers
• Longer answers
• Other answers, e.g. tick, draw lines or put a
ring around your answer
 This year writing composition levels
will be judged through teacher
assessment alongside the tests.
 ‘Technical’ aspects of English will be
assessed by the grammar, punctuation
and spelling externally marked test.
English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling
 Paper 1: 40-50 short answer
questions including multiple choice
questions and short open resonse
questions where a word or short
sentence is required.
 Paper 2: spelling dictation test – 20
spellings in 20 spellings
Maths Test
 There are 3 separate tests
 Two non-calculator papers:-
Paper 1 – (45 mins)
Paper 2 – (45 mins)
• Mental Maths (20 questions/20
mins) – CD – 5 x 5 sec, 10 x 10sec,
5 x 15 sec
No externally marked science
test this year.
There will be a teacher
assessment level reported to
parents along with other test
SATs Levels
Most children at the end of KS2
should reach Level 4
A small percentage may
achieve level 3 or level 5
Level 6 English and Maths
tests are optional this year
How can we help your child?
 At school:
the weeks leading up to the tests
the children will have revision
sessions and the opportunity to
have a go at answering questions in
the SATs format.
SATs style questions will reinforce
learning carried out in class
How can you help your child?
 Use revision guides published by CGP –
orders can be placed for next day delivery.
Check the website:
 Encourage your child to revise using some of
the suggested websites.
How can you help your child (cont)
 Make sure you know what homework is set and
encourage your child to do it
 Encourage your child to read widely
 Find opportunities for your child to use numbers
in everyday situations – the weekly
 Encourage your child to follow up interests and
talk about them
 Help your child to be ready to learn and not tired
 Make sure that your child does not miss any of the
Study websites
Here are some websites our Year 6 pupils might find helpful with KS2 SATs Revision!
The English area of the Bitesize website is packed with activities and questions
to help you prepare for the National Tests in English.
These revision pages have been put together by Woodlands Junior School to
help students with their revision.
Skillswise aims to help adults improve their reading, writing and maths skills. It
is targeted at Level 1 of the adult Basic Skills Literacy & Numeracy
Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
You might like to try some spelling practise on this BBC spelling site
and this site too
For spelling practice, Ambleside Primary offer an automated Look, Cover, Write, Check
word bank. Really useful for brushing up on Key Stage 2 spellings.
In 2013 the government introduced a new Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test. You
What to do if your child is ill
during the SATs week.
 Inform the school as soon as possible –leave
a message on the answer-phone.
 If your child can manage to come to school
for the morning please ensure they do so.
 If necessary dose the child with a pain relief
substance to lower any temperature
 Your child may then go home after the test
 In July the school will send you a report
telling you what National Curriculum
level your child has achieved in the
Maths and English tests along with
teacher assessment judgements and a
teacher assessment level in Science.
 In very exceptional circumstances the
school may decide to appeal if we feel
that the grade achieved is too low.
Stress and Feeling the Pressure
 We do appreciate that it is a stressful time
for children (and their parents!)
 Try to remain positive – a positive mental
attitude is a powerful tool
 Don’t push the children too hard. Maybe
have a weekly timetable to use for revision.
 Have some sort of incentive for the child
once the SATs are over
SATs Party
 Friday afternoon party (15th May)
will be asked to contribute an
item of food and drink for the party
A list will be sent home in advance to
let you know what to provide.
In School After SATs
 What happens:
 School
 Sports Day and other sporting activities
 Induction day(s) at their secondary school
 Activities provided by Willink School
 Projects specifically designed for Year 6 to
Any questions?
Please feel free to ask any
questions now or speak to one
of us later.
2014 Papers are available for
you to see.