2013 1:1 Policies - Central Decatur CSD

Central Decatur
1:1 Program Information
MacBook Air Usage
Agreement Highlights
A look at digital citizenship...
MacBook Air Usage Agreement
■ The MacBook is the property of
Central Decatur CSD.
■ It is intended for educational use
■ Usage is a privilege
■ Supports the learning environment
MacBook Air Policies
■ Bring your charged Macbook to school
every day
■ Don’t share it
■ Keep it in the bag when not in use
■ Treat it as if it were your own
MacBook Air Policies
■ Student code of conduct applies in the
digital world
■ Do not deface the MacBook Air or the bag
■ MacBook Air is subject to inspection
at any time
MacBook Air Policies (Parents)
■ Monitor students at home
■ Read and follow the guidelines in the
Laptop Computer Use Agreement
■ Know your student’s password
■ Have them show you what they are
doing in class
Theft Protection
■ Keep your MacBook Air under your control at
all times
■ Don’t leave it in a car or on top of
your locker
■ You could be liable for loss
Loss & Theft
■ Insurance and deductible
$100 1st occurrence
$250 2nd occurrence
Full replacement cost further occurrences or gross negligence
■ Loss of Equipment
Report to Mr. Evertsen or Mr. Huppert
File a police report if happens off campus
Do the right thing
■ Misuse of equipment or network can result in
1st offense: Three week suspension of network/internet privileges
2nd offense: Nine week suspension of network/internet privileges
Third Offense: Suspension of privileges for remainder of year.
21st Century Skills
Managing your personal mobile environment...safely
Personal Data Management
■ Back up your data
■ It is YOUR responsibility
■ If a computer is serviced, you may lose all data
■ Save all documents to the Documents folder
Stay Safe Online
■ Be careful about what you share
■ Once something is posted, it may be
permanently available to the world
■ Safeguard your passwords
■ Use a strong password
■ Beware of strangers
Identity Protection
■ Safeguard your identity
■ Never share your vital numbers
■ Be cautious when sharing data with web sites
■ Establish “house rules” with your student
Social Media: Personal Branding
■ Others are watching from around the world
■ Impacts college applications and more
■ Companies, recruiters and colleges may review
your presence on social media
■ FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest posts
are forever
Social Media
■ Most popular online activity
■ US has 155 million users
■ 46% of teens admitted they shared personal
information with strangers
Source: McAfee-Harris Online Youth Behavior, 2009
Social Media
■ 62% of adults world-wide use social media
■ Facebook has over 910 million users
■ Minimum age is 13
■ Average U.S. user has 130 “friends”
■ 70% of users OUTSIDE of USA
Web Site Resources
■ http://netsmartz.org
■ http://www.netsmartz411.org/
■ http://iaicac.org
■ http://cybersmart.org/
■ http://www.getnetwise.org/
Sites for parents
■ Learn more!
Care and Handling
Keeping your MacBook Air safe and running normally
Keeping your MacBook Airs safe
■ Don’t leave your MacBook Air unattended
■ Don’t leave it where the temperature will be very
hot or very cold
■ Don’t leave it in a car
■ Don’t feed it
■ Don’t water it
■ Don’t put place pencils, pens
or other objects on keyboard, it could
severely damage your MacBook Air if the lid
Cleaning your MacBook Air
■ Use only microfiber cloths to clean screens
■ If your computer needs extensive cleaning, take
it to Mr. Huppert
■ Do not use solvents or any household cleaners
■ for more information, go to:
21st Century Skills: Power
■ Charge overnight
■ Up to 7 hours of battery life
■ Mobile computing practice
Reduce the number of open applications and features
Dim the screen
Use only what you need at a given time
Best operates in temperatures between 50° and 95°f
21st Century Skills: Power
■ Make sure your MacBook Air goes to sleep
before placing it in your bag
■ Go to menu, choose “Sleep” or
■ Close lid, wait for Apple () to dim
21st Century Skills: Care @ Home
the safe at home work zone
d charger
in nontrip area
No food
Place” in
No Drinks
from edge
of table or
flat, dry
21st Century Skills: Care @ School
■ Stem to the belly or in your bag
stem of
21st Century Skills: Care @ School
■ Messenger Carry (in Bag)
Thank You!