(ADVS) for Occultations


Update on UMaryland’s

Astronomical Digital Video System

(ADVS) for Occultations



• Personal background

– Undergrad project on

Grazing Lunar


• Requests

– Pluto in 2012

– Doable for students

• Student tech fees in


– Started research in

Feb 2013, submitted proposal in mid-March; approved in early Aug


• www.kuriwaobservatory.com/ADVS.html

• Point Grey Grasshopper Express (GX-FW-28S5M-C)

– Field of view

– Sensitivity

• Cable, Hardware Timer and Camera Controller (HTCC)

• MacBook Pro 2.9GHz 13" w/ 8GB Memory and 750GB harddrive

– Firewire800 which is standard on the MacBook Pro but is an extra feature on other computers, most of which only have

FW400 if they have a FW port at all

– large disc drive for the large video files

– speedy processor to keep up with 10s of frames per second

– portability


• Installed Ubuntu on the MacBook Pro and started iterations of updating the Ubuntu OS to a version that properly controlled the computer, which ended up being 13.04.

• However, neither the camera control software from Pt Grey or ADVR software work under


• Could step back down to 12.04, but run risk of laptop overheating.

• Find a PC (desktop w/ FW800)…