Fam Care Annual Briefing

Family Care Plans
AFI 36-2908
714 AMXS
What is the purpose of the
Family Care Plan Annual
To keep you, the Member, aware of potential
present or future requirements
 To Educate the Member as to what those
requirements are
 To provide the member direction and guidance for
carrying out those requirements in a timely manner.
(This Briefing is directed to the general military
member population and not the existing Fam Care
Plan enrollees requiring to file an AF Form 357)
Annual briefing for All military members
on family care responsibilities
 WHY?
Situations change!
 Annual review and briefing makes sure
Families are taken care of by military
members in either short or long term
What is a Family Care Plan?
A Family Care Plan is a documented plan
that outlines steps, actions, tasks, forms, etc
insuring that care is provided for the
reservist’s family member(s) in the event of
his/her absence due to military duty
 A Plan that includes all foreseeable
 A Plan that is sufficiently detailed and
systematic to provide for a smooth rapid
transfer of responsibilities to the caregiver
What is a Family Care Plan?
A Family Care Plan includes provisions for
the Welfare of the Family Member:
Legal (Power of Attorney)
Physical Well-being (logistical)
 Transportation
 Food
Why do I need a
Family Care Plan?
World-wide available for immediate performance
of full scope of military duties:
UTAs and Annual Tours
Short notice or no notice deployment
Extended duty hours
Shift work
Similar military obligations
Who must have a
Family Care Plan?
All military members with family
member(s) residing in member’s household
– Family Member
 unmarried Child under 19 years of age
 unmarried child 19 years or older and
incapable of self care
 legal custody-blood/marriage/adoption
incapable of self care, residing in
member’s household, depending on
member-- over half their financial support
How to develop a Family Care
Designate an individual or individuals to
care for your family when you are absent
 Explain what you do in the reserves and
why their help might be needed
 It’s your plan -you can change the
responsible party at any time by getting a
new signature
Family Care Plan
Outlining Responsibilities of
the Family Care Plan
Family Care Plan Checklist
Air Force Form 357
Power of Attorney
Child Information
Who must complete the AF
form 357?
Single Parents
 Dual military couples with family members
in the household under 19 years of age
 Members with unique family situations (as
determined by the commander) will file AF
form 357
What Criteria is used to identify a
member as a “Single Parent”?
Birth or adoption of a child
 Loss of a spouse
– Death
– Separation
– Divorce
 Assumed Custody
– Past Separation
– Immediate Sole Care
 Elderly Family Member
 Disabled Family Member
What Criteria is used to determine if
My spouse and I are considered a
“Dual Military Couple”?
 When
both husband and wife are a members
of any Military Service
– Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard,
Army, Army Reserve, Navy, Marines, Coast
Guard, Etc.
 Enlistment
or Commissioning in the Military
 Marriage to an existing Military Member
What Criteria is used to
determine if I have a
household with a
“Unique Situation”?
(Commander Determined)
 Assuming sole care
– an elderly family member
– a disabled family member
 Absence of a Spouse
– Career
– Job Commitments
– Other Personal Reasons
Power of Attorney
Time span of 1-2 years
Yes, you will have to go to the JAG Annually
Things change
Provides for Medical and Legal issues
Admittance to school
Emergency Medical Care
It does not have to provide for financial
So, now I’ve learned that I fall into
one of the previous categories.
Now What?
 You
will notify your Commander
or First Sergeant immediately, or
within 60 days if changes in your
personal status or family
circumstances require you to
complete an AF Form 357 (AFI
36-2908, para 1.2.1)
60 Days to tell
my Commander or
First Sergeant?
Consequences for Failure to
Subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice
– Disciplinary Action
 The Commander or First Sgt
–Take disciplinary or other action if a
member fails to make adequate and
acceptable family care arrangements (AFI
36-2908, para 2.1.7)
– Separation from the Air Force Reserve
– Or Both
Where to get more Information
First Sergeant
 Customer Service (514 MSS/DPMSC, 4-3042)
 Family Support Center, Tel # 1(609)754-3154
 Family Readiness (514th AMW)
– 1(609)754-8228
– “How to Plan and Prepare for a Deployment”
– 514 AMW, Tel # 1(609)754-2778
– 305 AMW, Tel # 1(609)754-2010
Air Force Aid Society
 Red Cross, Tel # 1(609)754-3154
Family Care Plans are for
your family member’s welfare!
Don’t hesitate to ask for help
for guarding, protecting and
caring for the future human
resources of our Squadron,
Wing, Air Force and Nation.
The End