Year 8 2015 Parent Evening Presentation

Tuesday November 18, 2014
Damian Shuttleworth
School Board President
Heather Csar
Student Prefect Group
Megan Aspinall
Ebannie Barrett
Elisabeth Bauer
Lochlin Collier
John Davis
Katie Fisher - Head Girl
Jackson McDonald
Julie Mwiragua
Asher Rasmussen - Head Boy
Luke Richardson
Josiah Roberts
Maggie Sherlock
Associate Principals 2015
Student Services : Phil Collins
Academic Performance Years 7-9: Tracy Griffiths
Academic Performance Years 10-12: TBC
School Promotion Program Coordinator 2015: Toni Lane
Student Services Manager Linda Hillgrove
Positive Rewards Program, Year Centre, International Students,
Year 8 and 9 Coordinator
Student Services Manager
Pastoral Care Years 7-9, Year 7 Coordinator
Student Services Manager
Pastoral Care Years 10-12, Year 10 Coordinator
Year 11 Coordinator
Year 12 Coordinator
Tania Batterham
School Psychologist
Tonia Fahey
School Nurses
Trudy Abrecht & Helen Lethbridge
School Chaplain Craig Carpenter
Library Teacher-in-charge
Diana Kirkland
Career Coordinator
Gina O’Keefe/Kate Hewitt
Learning Centre Manager
Cynthia Hooper
Heads of Learning Areas 2015
English - Wendy Cody
Maths - Brian Ferguson
Science - Bruce Pendlebury
Humanities and Social Sciences- Lorna Wardle
Languages - Fay Mitchell
The Arts - Ross Brennan
Health & Physical Education - Jane Downie
Technology & Enterprise - Susanna Blitvich
Design and Enterprise – Blake O’Halloran
Music Year 7 & 8 2015
All ongoing instrumental students with the SIM
program will continue to access their lessons as normal
on a rotating timetable in 2015.
For students who selected to commence a new
instrument place in 2015, there are two processes.
Phase 1 aptitude testing was held on Wednesday 5th
November. Phase 2 Instrument auditions will be held
next week and letters will be sent to each family
inviting them to attend according to the instrument
preferences list on the enrolment form.
Year 7/8 Music Auditions for New Places Carine SHS:
Performing Arts Centre
 Monday: 24th November
Saxophone 9.00am
 Tuesday: 25th November
Voice 10.00am
Oboe/Bassoon 10.00am
Electric/Bass Guitar 10.00am
 Thursday: 27th November
Percussion 9.00am
Trumpet/Trombone/French Horn/Euphonium/Tuba
Extensive Transition Information
Program Placement Testing
Teacher Meetings
Parent meetings and phone calls
Shared with Carine SHS teachers
Focus English – Year 7 and 8
Core Maths and English - Years 8 to 10
Extra Literacy – Year 7 and 8
Mastering Interactive Communication – Year 9
OLNA Preparation Course - Year 10
Academic Extension Years 7 to 10
Special Needs Years 7 to 12
Futures Course - Year 12
Maths, English, Science, HASS x 4 each
Health/ICT x 1
French, German or Extra Literacy x 2
General PE x 2
Music x 2 (plus lessons)
Electives- Art, Home Ec., D and T x 2
Canteen – 5 minute early release
Recess and lunchtime
Year areas and designated toilets
Student Orientation Leadership Program
Uniform Policy
Mobile Communication Device Policy
Student Anti Bullying Committee
Anti Bullying Policy Rationale
Carine Senior High School is committed to
providing a safe, caring and supportive
environment for all students, staff and parents.
Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated at
Carine Senior High School. Students, staff and
parents will show respect and concern for others.
If bullying does occur it will be dealt with
promptly, effectively and confidentially.
Key School Contacts:
If a student is being bullied, they or their parents
should contact one of the following staff
Year Coordinator
Student Services Manager
School Psychologist
School Nurse
Associate Principal
Parent contact
Australian Curriculum
Homework and study
Elevate Education Whole School Program
- Parent Night Year 7-9 Feb 17 2015
– Study Skills Kick Start
- Junior time Management
Orientation Day 2015
Meet outside PAC
Uniform shop open before and after
8:30am arrival for canteen and photos
9am start- groups of 10
Taster activities throughout day
Supper in the Staffroom
Discussion with staff welcome