5/6C PowerPoint Presentation

5/6C Information Afternoon
Miss Emily Corcoran
 Graduated in 2011 – University of Wollongong.
 Taught casually at Keiraville Public School and St
Paul’s Albion Park whilst studying in 2011.
 Completed internship at KPS on a Stage 3 class in
 Taught Year 3 at KPS in 2012.
 2012  Choir Coordinator, Road Safety Coordinator,
[email protected] Coordinator, AUSTSWIM Instructor,
Southern Stars Choir Coordinator.
Vision for 2013
 Strong home-school relationships.
 Catering to every child’s interests and for all ability levels.
 Extending each child to reach their fullest potential
 Every child feeling safe, encouraged and valued on a daily
Allowing each child to understand the importance of
education and doing their best work.
Creating caring, empathetic and thoughtful citizens of our
Children enjoy coming to school.
Children feels safe to discuss any worries or concerns with
myself or other staff members.
 Maths and English - daily.
 Science, technology, PDHPE, sport, creative arts, SRE, and
HSIE (history, geography and social studies) - once a week.
Child Protection – fortnightly.
Fitness - twice a week ([email protected])
Assembly - Friday 1.55 -> 2.55 pm.
Sports in Schools.
School Daily Assembly – after lunch.
Mind Up – fortnightly.
Maths Extension.
Band – Wednesdays after lunch.
Camp – 8th  10th April - Berry Sport and Rec.
Student Welfare
 Kirrhis – School values (bronze, silver and gold).
 Raffle tickets, Class Dojo and lolly jar – rewards and
 Merit Awards – recognise outstanding effort and/or
achievement during class or in the playground.
 Speller, reader and writer of the week – recognise
students showing particular progress or achievement
in these areas.
 Homework sheet is given out on Monday and due on
Spelling pre-tests will be given on a Monday. Each
student’s homework spelling words are likely to be
Project grid – minimum of one per term that will be
due in Week 8.
Topic talks – one per fortnight.
Study Ladder – can be replaced with maths sheet if
child has no access to the internet (please let me
 Term 2 : 14th – 16th May.
 Preparation has already begun.
 Students have begun studying expositions which is
the text type of the NAPLAN.
 Encourage the students to develop their knowledge
of persuasive language.
 Maths – need to keep practising automatic recall of
times tables and addition and subtraction facts.
 Aim: Students feel calm and prepared for the exam –
avoid unnecessary pressure and anxiety.
Units of Work
Assessment and Tracking
 Ongoing assessment – all KLAs.
 Literacy and numeracy continuum – plotting.
 Records of homework and ongoing assessment are
kept regularly.
 You will be notified if your child’s academic progress
needs to be discussed.
 PLEASE do not hesitate to make an appointment to
see me if you would like regular feedback about your
child’s growth and/or ongoing assessment results.
The end of a great poem…
"Whose child is this?" I asked once more,
Just as the little one entered the door.
"Ours", said the parent and the teacher as they
And each took the hand of the little child.
"Ours to love and train together.
Ours this blessed task forever.“
We are a team. I look forward to working with
each and every one of you.