2014-15 Unite to Read Project

2014-15 Unite to Read Project
Two parts
1. Share a Story Night- Elementary
2. Reading Certificate program- MS/ HS
CTSO Unite to Read Project Steps
• Schools need to sign up online
• Get all student organizations together to plan
activities for the year
• Set a date and work with the elementary
schools for “Share a Story” night
• Work with the community for partners
• Promote literacy and reading through out the
school year for students to receive certificates
Schools Need to Sign UP on Website
• KDE Sign up
• SB20 Designates October Anti Bullying Month
• Invite legislators to be a part of your Unite to
Read Program.
“Juice Box Bully”
by Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy
Empowering Kids to Stand Up for Others
Share a Story Night Recommended
“Juice Box Bully”
–ISBN # 9781933916729
–cost $6.14
–By ordering from Partners Publishing
–Call Sarah 800-336-3137