Welcome Class of 2013 - Clark Magnet High School

Sophomore Assembly
February, 2015
Junior Schedule Planner
Junior Course Offerings
Commitment to Return to Clark
Return this planning packet in its entirety
(you may duplicate for your records).
Handouts that can be found online
(www.ClarkMagnet.net) – Counselor Corner
 On-line course request instructions
 Junior Timeline
220 credits (earned 9th through 12th grade)
Pass Algebra and Geometry
◦ Or, two years of math if you started at a higher
Pass California High School Exit Exam
Required Courses listed on next slide plus
elective courses
English – 4 years (40 credits)
Mathematics – 2 years (20 credits)
◦ must pass algebra and geometry
◦ Or, two years of math if you started at geometry
or higher in the 9th grade
Science – 2 years (20 credits)
◦ must pass one year physical science (physics or
chemistry) and 1 year life science (biology)
World History – 1 year (10 credits)
U.S. History – 1 year (10 credits)
Government/Economics – 1 semester each
(5 credits each)
Fine Arts – 1 year (10 credits)
Career Preparation – 1 semester (5 credits)
Health/Guidance – 1 semester each
(5 credits each)
Physical Education – 2 years (20 credits)
Elective Classes (70 credits)
“a” – History/Social Science – 2 years
“b” – English – 4 years
“c” – Mathematics – 3 years
“d” – Laboratory Science – 2 years
◦ 1 year biology AND 1 year either physics or
“e” – Language other than English – 2 years
“f” – Visual and Performing Arts – 1 year
“g” – College-Preparatory Elective – 1 year
Students are encouraged to take more
challenging work at the secondary level
Universities assign extra weight to grades in
honors-level courses (for B or higher)
Most AP (Advanced Placement) classes are
taken the junior and/or senior year of high
All grades in required courses for colleges
must be a C or higher
AP Contracts will be available upon request
in the main office and/or when we pick up
your course requests
Some classes require attending an
orientation meeting
Placement in AP classes will be based on
teacher recommendations
Turning in a signed/completed contract
does not guarantee placement in an AP class
AP classes are year-long commitments!!!
◦ Complete planning sheet
◦ Selecting/requesting ELECTIVE courses online
◦ Powerpoint with instructions available on Clark’s
Please fill out completely.
◦ Summer School box is for counselors’ use
Go over your choices with your parents
Forms will be picked up in the World History
classes on Thursday and Friday
If anything is not filled in or signed, packets
WILL NOT be collected or discussed
If packets are not returned, we will pick your
classes for you
Student Connection
Q Registration
Step 1A: Log-in
Link to Q STUDENT Connect:
student.gusd.net (no www)
Must log in with
Q Registration
Step 1B: Log-in
ID: is your 6 digit Student #
Q Registration
Step 2: “Switch Track”
& “Requests”
IMPORTANT NOTE: Before clicking on
requests, choose the new school year of
the grade you will be in next year.
Glendale High School (T))
Glendale High School (T))
Q Registration
Step 3: “Add/Edit
Glendale High School (T))
Q Registration
Step 4: “Add Selected Class”, and click
Please click
“Submit” only
once, even if you
get an error
message. Check
your schedule an
hour later.
Continue this process until you have selected
BOTH “A” or “1” and “B” or “2” classes.
Q Registration
Step 5: “Add Selected Course”
Step 6: “Submit”
The right
hand column
is where your
first choices
go…in this
case, the 1st
choice is
and the
alternate is
Q Registration
Step 7: When submitted, you MUST print
“Student Course Requests Verification
Sheet”… parent signature required
Attach “Student Course Requests Verification Sheet” to your planning
packet and return to your counselor in your U.S. History class.
Q Registration
Step 8: When done adding classes, click
“Sign Out”
Your registration window begins today,
February 10th and ends Thursday,
February 12th at midnight.
Semester 1: June 8 – June 23
Semester 2: June 24 – July 10 (July 3 – Holiday)
5 hours a day; 5 days a week
Glendale Unified School District Remedial
Summer School
◦ Making up an F grade in a class needed for high school
◦ Making up a D/F grade in Geometry
◦ Making up an D/F grade in Algebra 1
◦ Remedial classes are offered free of charge
Glendale Educational Foundation Summer School
◦ Registration: check online at
◦ Payment by check or money order
◦ Enrichment Summer School
◦ You may NOT sign up for Government/Econ
Regular Payment
$500 for a full year course
$250 for a one semester course
For those on Free/Reduced Lunch
$400 for a full year course
$200 for a one semester course
There will be NO refunds for dropping or
not completing a course once it has begun.
Take a challenging course schedule and do
Take initiative in pursuing your interests and
Get involved in school activities
Get involved in community service
Explore leadership opportunities at school,
home and in the community
Strive to do your best in ALL things
Return dates are this Thursday, February 12th
and Friday, February 13th in your World
History classes….come prepared!
(Per. 3, 4 Davis – be prepared on Thursday)
◦ Bring: planning sheet packet (including
transcript), copy of online course request
verification form
(Make sure your parents sign ALL the above
mentioned papers…in three places!)
Select classes with your future in mind