By Katy Hynes
 The Vikings came from the Scandinavian countries of
Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
 The word Viking means pirate raid.
 From 700 to 1100AD the Vikings invaded many
countries in Europe including Ireland. . Thursday is
named after Thor the Viking god of Thunder
The Vikings first came to
Ireland in 795AD
Viking Helmets
 Most people think Viking helmets have horns on them
but it is believed now that there were no horns on the
Viking helmets were made out of metal.
Vikings might
not have worn
Viking Women
 Viking women could marry at 12 – but 15 was more
 A Viking woman could pick who she wanted to marry.
 A Viking woman could divorce her husband.
Viking women wore
long dresses either
plain or pleated
Viking Myths
 Viking warriors did not want to die in bed but thought
it better to die in battle and go to Valhalla. This was a
long hall where the dead warriors could fight all day
and then have a big party at night.
Valhalla was
Viking Heaven.
Viking Ships
 Viking ships were called
 Vikings had long straight
ships so that they could sail
down shallow and narrow
 On the front of Viking ships
there is a dragon to scare
anyone who saw it.
Viking Children
Usually Viking children did not go to
school but they learned to do lots of things
such as
Viking girls
had to cook
•How to light a fire
clean and sew
•How to ride a horse
•How to row a boat
•How to fight
 Viking boys
worked on a farm
or made things
out of metal
True or False...
 Did a famous Viking called Eric the Red discover
America 500 years before Christopher Columbus?
Did Vikings have horns on their hats?
How many Vikings could the ships carry 100, 150 or
Did people build round towers as look outs for the
Vikings and also to hide their treasures?
Were Vikings mainly warriors or farmers.
Vikings in Ireland
 The Vikings first attacked Ireland in 795. They landed
in Rathlin Island off the coast of Antrim.
They robbed from monasteries.
They also took women and children as slaves.
They created Ireland's first towns, Dublin, Wexford,
Cork and Limerick.
The Vikings gave Ireland its name. It is a mix of the
Irish word Eire and the Viking word land.
Vikings in Dublin
 Dublin was founded by the Vikings in
It was called Dubh Linn, which
means black pool.
Many Vikings brought their families
to live in Ireland.
The Vikings built Christchurch
The Vikings brought the use of coins
to Ireland.
Viking Quiz
 Name the three countries that the Vikings came from?
 When did the Vikings first invade Ireland?
 When was Dublin founded by the Vikings?
 What does the word Viking mean?
 What is Viking heaven called?
 Who is Thursday named after?
By Katy Hynes