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Summer Math
Elementary Math & Technology
Goals for the new district summer math program:
● reduce paper copies (survey students/parents)
● reduce correcting (online, log)
● encourage continued practice throughout the summer (instead
of cramming)
● embed technology
● provide students with a readiness to succeed
● try to some new things
Part 1: Fact Fluency -
More about Xtra Math
● If your child opted for online practice, use the XTra MATH parent flyer and
student enrollment code provided to get your child set-up online.
● Your child’s work will be monitored and recorded by our elementary math
department over the summer and reported to your child’s new teacher at start of
● If your child has a current XTra Math log on, use this new student enrollment code
and the same email address and their settings will be preserved.
● If your child completes the basic fact program, they can move onto accelerated
practice. Please email to have the settings
adjusted or for any other needs you have while using Xtra Math.
● After your child has completed at least 10 minutes of practice, each day, they need
to record their work on the SUMMER MATH FACT PRACTICE LOG. This log
Flash Cards - addition/multiplication
Flash Cards - addition/multiplication
● If your child opted for paper practice, they can use the Summer Math FLASH
CARDS they brought home
● Only students who opted for flash cards are bringing home paper copies.
● After your child has completed at least 10 minutes of practice, each day, they need
to record their work on the SUMMER MATH FACT PRACTICE LOG. This log
should be returned to their new teacher in September.
How do I use flash cards?
Start off by going through all of the cards, and find the facts that your child doesn’t know.
This helps you find which ones they need to practice and which ones you can set aside because they know
If they hesitate more than 4 seconds on each math fact, they need to practice that card until it becomes
Quiz your child, they can quiz themselves, or two youngsters can test each other
When children are memorizing their facts with the cards, they need to say the entire problem out loud,
such as “5 plus 4 is 9” or "Eight times six is forty-eight." This way, not only do they see the problem, but
they are also saying it as well. This is a very important step.
Pick 10 cards out of the pile. Use these facts to create your own worksheet. Make copies and quiz
Make a Matching Game: Make a set of cards that only have the sum (addition) or product
(multiplication). Match the cards you made to the flash cards. For example: make a card that has 56 on it
and match it to your 7x8 flashcard. Shuffle and try it again. Can you get faster?
Fact Practice Log
Additional Practice - Math Apps
Number Flash (free)
Fast Facts Early Add (K/Grade 1) ($1.99)
Fast Facts Addition (Grades 1-3) (free)
Motion Math: Hungry Fish ($1.99) Practice mental addition and subtraction
Tric Trac ($1.99) Practices basic addition facts from 0 to 6
Sushi Monster (free) practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency
Addition & Multiplication Number Bubbles (free)
Any of the fact fluency options, online, flashcards,
or math apps will help your child maintain and build
fact fluency skills over the summer.
They will hit the ground running in September and
be prepared for the challenges ahead!
Part 2: Problem Solving
All real world application math problems were adapted from
Problems can be answered online at our Norwood Summer Math
Blog - Results will be reported directly to the Elementary Math Department
Or students can answer the problems on paper and return their
work in September
Sample Problem
Grouchy Birthday, Oscar!
Click the link above to try the
sample problem out!
Real Time results all summer
Each week…..a new theme….
WEEK 1: Party In the Ocean
WEEK 2: Running Your Mouth
WEEK 3: It’s a ZOO out there!
WEEK 4: The Real Scoop
WEEK 5: Sink or Swim
WEEK 6: Give Me a Sign
● These real world application math problems can be completed on the Summer
Math Blog @
● Work completed online at the blog will be recorded and reported to our
elementary math department over the summer and to your child’s new teacher.
● The BLOG includes photos, video, links and more to help your child become more
involved with the problems.
● Each week a new problem will be posted on the blog. Students will only be able to
submit their answers for 10 days after the blog is posted, so they will need
reminders to stay organized and set aside time to work on their problem solving.
● The first problem can be answered online starting on July 7.
Contact Elem. Math Coordinator, Jill Milton