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Technology in the Junior Classroom

We will share how we bring E-Learning into everyday learning situations, using different forms of technology to enhance learning and to develop children’s technical skills.

What do YOU want to know?

Why e-learning?

We had to ask ourselves – what will be the best way to use this equipment to empower children?

We decided on…..blogging

What is a blog?

• A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media. • Blogs in plain English


• Most blogs are usually textual, but some also focus on art , photographs, videos, music (MP3) and audio (pod casting). • Web 2 tools are used to upload pictures, video and audio and they are very easy to use.

Why should we have blogs?

Brilliant Blogging

NZ Curriculum

• Children should be confident, connected and actively involved life long learners. • They should be motivated, effective users of communication tools

Key competencies

• Children will use language • Children will be exposed to symbols and text • Children will be participating and contributing

Why we do Blogging

Children have become more computer literate. They have become more confident to use cameras, Flip videos and are even taking part in the design of the blog content and layout.

• They have discovered that they have an audience for their work. This has positively influenced the quality and style of their authentic work.

• They have become empowered and feel that they have a platform to air their views and to get messages across.

• Children are excited about their learning and want to show off! ( Rubbish Busters) • The children look at other blogs in the school – interact with other classes.

More reasons…

•They have been exposed to each other’s work and had their own work recognized and celebrated.

•Parents are actively involved with more learning conversations taking place at home •Teaching material for topic (photos, pictures, videos) is easily accessible for children to look at as often as they want to.

•Children tend to reflect orally about their work when they read their own or other children’s work.

•The children feel they are connected to the world around them – “We’re all in this together.”

Tips for managing a successful blog

• Don’t try and do it all at once.

• Make your blog a place that the children visit frequently and want to visit.

• Update quite often, even if it is a small entry to maintain interest. But don’t stress yourself out.

Tips continued…

• Give each child a chance to feature on the blog.

• Get the parents on board and encourage them to leave comments.

• Make it colourful and interactive.

And some more great tips!

• Advertise your blog often to keep viewers interested.

• Encourage the children to take ownership and to be involved in designing content and the look of the blog.

• Embed You Tube, I Tunes, etc. Kids love sound, movement and colour.

• Use the blog as a teaching tool – Maths and Reading tumbles, links to current topics, games etc.

Managing Blogging in the Classroom Programme

• Sandpit time for the teacher • Sandpit time on all ICT equipment for students– Spot the experts and create leadership opportunities

Managing Blogging…cont’d

• Reading/Maths tumbles (independent activities that link directly to learning intentions) • Recording poems on Easi-speak ( Winter ) • Learning songs for production – children reading and singing • Groups using cameras/Flip-Video around the school • Buddy learning of MovieMaker

The Challenges…

• Power failure • Server crash with ICT technician in Turkey • Interrupted teaching time to problem solve • Addiction and late nights • Sites blocked by school • Time • Cyber-safety agreements need to be up to date

Parent voice…..

Red Beach School

• By Jill Watt - Brain Surgeon

• By Linda McPhail – Snail Collector