Word Study Activity

Word Study Activity
Miss Middleton
English/Language Arts Class
©Created by middletonlinda@coventryschools.net
Where in the World does this word
come from?
highlight this word, right click, scroll down to
synonym option, click on “Thesaurus” to
understand this word.
Learning on Your Own
Click on this link
Learning on your own is a powerful skill.
Write down this website & continue learning
at home.
• Look for the link to “change subjects” .
• Keep track of how much rice you have
Study Skills
Click on this website
Search for “studying for tests” and
other links that will help you to be
successful in school.
Copy this website and try it at home.
Flash Cards
Using Flash Cards to Study
• Write your vocabulary word
on one side of your flash
• Write the definition on the
other side.
• Also include cues that will
help you learn like a picture
cue, synonym, antonym, or
use the word in a sentence.
Using virtual Flash Cards
• www.quizlet.com
• Create virtual flash cards on
this website.
• Type the word on your flash
card & click on the definition.
• Use the arrows to flip the
cards to study.
• Use the online study games to
• Copy this website to study at
Visualize the Word
Effective Studying includes:
Visual Word Study:
• http://www.visuwords.com/
Visualizing (see it)
Auditory learning (hear it)
Kinesthetic (touch it)
Teaching Others
• Study vocabulary using this
• Copy this site to study at
• Try the word “bellow”
Word Clouds
• Type in your name.
• Add adjectives that describe you.
• Dancer, sister/brother, friend.
• Adjust color, edit, use white background.
• Print a copy.
Studying won’t frighten you anymore. You now have
the tools to be more confident & more successful!
The more you learn, the more you earn, the prouder and more confident
you will become. YOU can do it!