Lakewood Elementary - Hardin County Schools

Lakewood Elementary School
The STLP Mission Statement for Lakewood Elementary is to challenge each
student toward academic, social, and lifetime success. Lakewood STLP strives to
provide leadership opportunities for students through the use of technology.
How do Students join STLP?
Goal 2
STLP will provide leadership
opportunities for all students
How students sign up? Student are
given the opportunity to sign up
to be a part of Lakewood STLP
by completing an application and
returning it to the library media
When does STLP meet at Lakewood
Elementary? It meets before
school, during lifetime and during
club time
Lakewood has STLP Students
in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade
Students competed at the regional showcase
from 3rd, 4th and 5th grades in 2014
Students work on group projects and assist other students with technology
Goal 2
The STLP will provide leadership opportunities for all students.
Lakewood Total Population
Lakewood Total STLP Students
Total Number of Students 570
Varies from semester to semester
Students sign up for STLP morning
announcements at the beginning of the year.
There are 20 students that participate in that.
During club time (sharpen the saw) students
participate in clubs during the school sharpen
the saw time that involve technology
leadership activities
Attending Showcases
Lakewood Elementary
shares our STLP
accomplishments through
our school morning news
crew, school newsletters,
our local newspapers,
through our school and
district website, and by
participation in local,
regional and STATE
This year Lakewood
STLP group attending
WKU regional showcase
make up day in Barren
County in the December
of 2013, and two groups
will go on to compete at
the STATE competition in
the spring of 2014..
Getting Out the News
Students receive recognition
for their accomplishments
gained through STLP during
the awards ceremony at the
end of the year.
They also receive recognition
for projects in the local
Lakewood Elementary School STLP
Morning News Crew
Creating Leadership in Everyone
Turning on computers in the library media center and the
computer lab and getting them loaded for the day
PR- Showing off our school
Taping School Wide Broadcast
 Spelling Bee
 School Wide Assemblies
Creating technology based activities for younger students
to reinforce lessons taught by teacher
Photographs for school events to be featured on
announcements and local newspaper
Technology using area of interest to create PowerPoint's,
Animoto, Digital Storybooks, Books, Glogsters, and
Lakewood Elementary School News
Goal 1
The STLP will develop activities which enhance the academic, social and emotional
growth of the student.
Goal 2
The STLP will provide leadership opportunities for all students.
The Lakewood News Crew produces a live news broadcast for
Lakewood Elementary each morning. STLP members serving on the
news crew arrive at school and come straight to the library to begin
work on the morning show. News is presented for our school as well
as announcements about upcoming events in our community.
The crew consists of students from 4th and 5th grade, with spotlights
on all grade levels throughout the school year. As well as each week a
different class is featured saying the pledge.
STLP students also create project based on the schools curriculum for
younger students as enrichment lessons. This gives students
opportunities to show leadership skills using different types of
Goal 3
Students will participate in multi-age collaboration by
forming innovative learning partnerships.
Goal 4
The STLP will form learning partnerships among students
with different technology skills.
STLP activities at
Lakewood Elementary
include the morning news
crews in the television
studio at Lakewood
Elementary. The crew takes
turns each week delivering
school announcements and
community news. Students
rotate to learn about the
different jobs in the news
room while acquiring new
technology skills along the
Goal 5
The STLP will develop activities which benefit communities
Lakewood Elementary
news broadcasts
features information
on community and
school events.
Dress Code
100% CLUB
Class Spotlights
Bike Rodeo
Goal 1
The STLP will develop activities which enhance the academic, social, and
emotional growth of the student.
STLP students assist by turning on the computers in the morning in the
computer lab and the media center. The also assist at the end of the day by
making sure they are all turned off correctly.
Students also assist with creating technology based lessons that reinforce
curriculum activities for younger students. Use of classroom performance
systems, videos, websites, games and other software are part of the activities.
Some students create their own webpage that interacts with other students on
specific topics using Moodle.
STLP students showing
Leadership skills in assisting
teachers with lessons
Goal 6
The STLP will develop instructional activities which integrates technology and benefits the
school and supports KETS.
PowerPoint Presentations and
Classroom Performance
System Lesson
Goal 5
The STLP will develop activities which benefit communities.
The morning news crew focus on community events. Several students this year
have focused on Leader in Me activities. They help create the animoto videos for
parents during the monthly Leadership Luncheon.
Lakewood STLP students help with recycling
ink cartridges to raise money for the school.
Goal 2
The STLP will provide leadership opportunities for all students.
Goal 5
The STLP will develop activities which benefit communities.
STLP News Crew spotlights students at
Lakewood Elementary . Student get a chance
to interview students in the school about
leadership opportunities. STLP students
promote positive activities that take place at
Lakewood Elementary
Some segments include: The leader of the
seven habits for each classroom, Safety Patrol,
Art Club, Contest Winners, Music Play Actors,
Academic Team Participants
Lakewood STLP Vision For The
Lakewood STLP students are scheduled to compete
in the STATE STLP showcase in Spring.
Lakewood STLP will continue to include more
students in our STLP group.
Lakewood STLP will continue to promote good news
about our school continue to be actively involved
with new technology.
Lakewood Elementary STLP will continue to foster
the Leader in each individual child