School Store
Business Proposal
Mission Statement
• In an effort to promote John Dickinson High School,
increase school spirit and provide a much needed
service - we propose to establish a new school
• The school store will serve as a lab environment for
educational purposes and a real-world retail
environment to prepare students for employment.
Possible Names….
• We hope to poll the school in order to increase
excitement and finalize upon name.
The following are some names we are considering:
• The Ram Shackle
• The Rams Cranny
• The Rams Corner
• The Rams Den
• The Rams Lair
• Dickinson School Store
Funding sources
• Building support
 Mini grants?
• Sponsors
• Fundraising
• Sports boosters
• 509 funds for Career and Technical Student
Organization (CTSO) - DECA
Products to be included initially…
• School branded:
 Hoodies/sweatshirts and sweatpants
 T-shirts
 Bumper stickers, magnets and lanyards
 Yearbook sales
• School supplies:
 Flash Drives
 Binders
 Folders
 Writing implements – pens, pencils, markers,
erases, etc.
Short Term Goals
• Complete construction of school store.
 Wall Building – Mr. Lyons Location
• Layout of store
 How will we display items?
• Use of window space
• Display case
• Order Merchandise:
 School supplies
 School apparel
• What do sports boosters already have?
Short term goals continued
• Security
 Video cameras
 Storage areas to lock up merchandise
• Purchase cash register
Long Term Goals
• Partnering with schools hospitality department
 Possibly help them keep inventory
 Sell goods etc.
• Website/e-commerce?
Store Procedures and personell
To be considered:
• Inventory – storage and keeping track
• Book keeping
• Cash register
• Staff hierarchy
• Customer greeting
• Display cases for merchandise outside of the
school store.
• Flyers posted around the school to promote
sales of the school store.
• Announcements at the beginning & end of the
day to remind students of the school store.
Hours of operation
• Before school
• After school
• Delivery service
 Order during lunch - delivered to homeroom?
• Mr. Murphy, question: What is happening with
sports boosters? Will that be absorbed by the
school store?