KYA presentation

What is KYA
Kentucky Youth
• The Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) is a three-day
experiential learning conference in which students
participate directly in the Commonwealth’s democratic
• Acting as Senators and Representatives, students will
write, debate, and vote on legislation that affects them.
• As candidates, lobbyists, or members of the media,
students experience the rich spectrum of activity that
constitutes our political process. As advocates and
justices, students argue and judge a legal case in the
actual Supreme Court chambers of Kentucky. Officers
elected by students serve as Governor, Chief Justice of
the Supreme Court, Media Corps Editor in Chief, and
other conference leadership.
• KYA offers students the opportunity to learn about a
wide variety of issues, develop critical thinking skills,
and articulate their beliefs while engaging
constructively with those who hold like and
opposing views.
Officer Positions:
• Presiding KYA 2014 Governor:
Regan Smith, E J Hayes Alumni, now Freshman at
• Governor Candidate: TBA
• KYA President/Leadership Candidate: 8th Grade—
• Must attend Leadership Conf. TBA
In Frankfort at Ky. YMCA from 1-4.
• Media Specialist: 1 delegate
• Parliamentarian: 2 7th/8th grade /
• 2 6th grade
• Bill Author’s: 4 Per Bill
• Visuals—4-per Bill
Outstanding Bills 2011
• An act to enforce all Kentucky Businesses to have a
FLMA. (Family Medical Leave Act.)
• An act to require all Kentucky Residents receiving
welfare to be subject to random drug screening.
• An act to regulate the sale of all alcoholic energy
drinks, also known as alco-pops to be regulated in
the state of Kentucky by requiring the sale of these
items to be kept in the tobacco area of the stores.
Next Meeting:
• Turn in Permission slip and deposit and KYA Fee of
• Elect a Governor Candidate
• Elect a President of KYA– Also this person will be in
our Leadership Candidate– must travel one day to
Frankfort on a Sunday for a training– approximately
4 hours long
• Bill Authors must generate ideas– we will vote on
bills to pursue.
• Only 1 bill per 15 delegates is allowed and 1 Premier
Bill– which is a group of 6th graders led by Mr. Bishop.
• Set Weekly Dates according to Bill Author
Bill Ideas?
Let’s brainstorm some ideas for Bills—
Think about what effects you?
What effects Kentuckians?
What is important to you?
What actions can you take to make things better
for people in Kentucky?
• Popular Ideas: Recycling Programs, medical
services, safety-issues.
Choosing a Bill:
• Your bill be ranked on the following
• What makes a question debatable?
• “Why will this solution work?”
• “Wouldn’t another solution offer the
same benefits?”
Bills will be judged on the
• Debatability –Can it be argued?
• Feasibility—Can it be implemented?
• Creativity –Is this creative? Think Outside the
• Importunateness—This should effect
Kentuckians be something others would
care about.
• Preparation/Preparedness: Know your bill—
Know the answers to these questions.
Top Issues Facing
• Pill Mills--Prescription Drug Activity in Kentucky—
what are the penalties?
• Casino Gambling
• Child Abuse and Release to Public Records; Cases
are often not reported each year.
• Many children are often taken away from parents
for abuse in cases of parental drug abuse; these
children are often placed with family members.
These family members are often not tested for drug
abuse themselves. Therefore, many students
placed in these homes are subject to the same
More Ideas
• Recycling programs –Should recycling be
mandatory in Kentucky at any school-sponsored
• Hemp production
• Medicaid/Medicare
• Meth and Kentuckians.
• Bullying—Middle schools provide a bully-camp for
those indicted on bullying charges in school. --3rd
• Hunger—Free and Reduced Lunch programs-- Food
programs in schools—Food for Thought?
Let’s Review—What is the
Law-making process?