2016-17 Dean’s Program Review Summary – Sign Language, Year 1

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2016-17 Dean’s Program Review Summary – Sign Language, Year 1
Submitted by:
Marcia Corcoran
Date: 11/06/15
Find below goals, progress, accomplishments, and new initiatives in each category, aligned with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
(ACCJC)i Standards indicated, as documented in the Program Reviews. Please refer to the Excel spreadsheets for specific resource requests in these areas.
Progress/Needs on
Instructional Programs
Library/Learning &
Human Resources
Physical & Technology
Financial Resources
Student Learning/Service
Student Support
(FT fac, reassigned,
(Services, Contracts,
Area Outcomes
classified, student assts)
Standards IIA and IIB
Standard IIA
Standards IIB and IIC
Standard IIIA
Standards IIIB and IIIC
Standard IIID
 Sign Language 64, 65,
and 66 were assessed
and closed the loop 2
years prior. They must
be assessed during Fall
2015, Spring 2016 and
Fall 2016
 Program Learning
Outcomes in 2015-16
Closing the Loop forms
showed that more SL 66
students completed a 3
or 4 on the rubrics.
Students likely more
motivated at higher
 Reflections revealed
need for more practice
in finger spelling facial
expression, vocabulary,
and grammar structures
 Changes include
increased student
participation in class,
more homework
requiring practice, more
field work within Deaf
 Success rates vary from  SL Tutoring available for
students through
Learning Connection
 Need to add a lab
component for SL 64,
 ASL Club through
65, and 66
Student Life
 Need to add SL 67 (4
 Need to add a Field
Work class for students
to work with Deaf
people in natural
 Need to create an AA
degree in Deaf
Education with possible
additional classes such
as Deaf Culture,
Fingerspelling and
Numbers, Introduction
to Tutoring
 Hire 1-2 part-time
faculty members,
currently posted
 Hire a full-time faculty
member in 2-3 years
after curriculum is
developed and
 One faculty to attend
summer national
American Sign
Language Teachers
Association Conference
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See Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (Adopted June 2014). Accreditation standards. Available: