Preparation for Planning workshops

Preparation for
2nd March: Year 1,2,3 schools
3rd March: Year 1 schools only
Selection of Students
• Student data and additional information relevant to
your student selection.
• Tools you are currently using to capture student
• Target group students- target group pool or focus
group students (inclusive of ELL, SWSN students)
Note: students must have received 60 weeks of
Selection of teacher/s
The following is provided as guidance for school leaders in their
selection of teacher/s.
• Teachers should: • Have strong pedagogical and content knowledge; knowledge of
literacy at all levels ensuring a deep understanding of progression
• be open to learning and confident to try new things
• notice and observe practice and refine and reflect on own practice
• be flexible with the ability to employ multiple strategies to work with
these students
• have high expectations of the students
• have ultimate patience
• have credibility – other staff need to find them credible and they
need confidence to deliver to other staff and work across the school
• be approachable
• have the ability to encourage staff, parents, students
• be organised.
Supplementary Inquiry
Team - SIT
Key Role
Ensure there are adequate conditions for
sustaining and embedding effective
practices e.g. one of the roles of this
group is to support other classroom
teachers to inquire into the effectiveness
of aspects of their practice and transfer
learnings from the supplementary
programmes to the classroom.
Abridged Theory of Action 2015, pg 16
Parent Engagement
• Current actions that are proving successful.
• Tools are you currently using to capture parent
• Parent voice data to inform school wide actions.
• Ka Hikitia 2013-2017
• Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017
Items to bring
15 week planner
Intervention planner
Underachieving students rubrics 4,6,9 completed
Spiral of Inquiry work from today
Theory of Action 2015
"Acceleration vs Remediation" article read!
CaAP Template (School curriculum and Achievement
• Calendars/ diaries to set visit dates
CPL Schools:
Vision Schools:
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