Economic Impact to Southern

Economic Impact to Southern
Direct Jobs Lost 50
Indirect Jobs Lost 24
Total Direct and Indirect Jobs Loss- 74
Direct Spending Lost to CSUP $3.3 million
Indirect Spending Lost to Southern Colorado
$4.7 Million
• Total Direct and Indirect Spending Lost to OUR
Community $7.95 million
• Donor and Advocate for Colorado Humanities
• Donor for Child Advocacy Center
Donor for Saint John Newman School
Donor for Hispanic Education Foundation
Donor and Advocate for Poetry Out Loud.
• Member, Bessemer Historical Society
• Member, Pueblo Junior League
• Member, CFI
• Board Member of the Pueblo Arts Alliance
• Board Member, Creative Corridor
• Executive Member of Sierra Club
• Alternate Defense Council member for Pueblo and Freemont
county (providing free legal defense to the indigent)
• Ludlow 100 Statewide Committee
• Commissioner for Pueblo Sister City Commission
Member of Dante Alighieri Society of Pueblo
Member of Sons of Italy in Canyon City
Member of Pueblo German Club
• Member, Meet up "Les Francophiles de Pueblo"
• Teacher: District 60, North Mesa Elementary
Next Steps
• Community Rally Thursday January 16th noonSister Cities Plaza
• USC not CSUP
• Ask for more time from the Chancellor and
the Board of Governors
• Contact Federal Leaders
• Contact State Leaders
• for more information
Contact information for political leaders
Federal Leaders.. Tipton, Bennett, Udall….
Dennis Flores ph. 303-534-6290
Leroy Garcia Ph. 719-406-8311
Clarice Navarro Ratzliff Ph. 719-469-3484
George Rivera Ph. 719-406-6535
Ed Vigil Ph. 303-866-2916
Larry Crowder
City Council Website
3. Lieutenant Governor Joe
• 4. Governor John Hickenlooper,
For updates on what is happening or
to get involved