TEST DATE: “The Death of Balder” & “Coyote

TEST DATE: _______________________________
“The Death of Balder” & “Coyote Steals the Sun & Moon”
1. curiosity – interest in knowing about things
2. hero – the main male character in a novel, film, play, etc., who is
typically identified with good qualities
3. lagged – moved slowly
4. mock – to make fun of someone, usually by imitating them
5. myth – a traditional tale that presents beliefs or customs of a
6. pester – to constantly annoy or irritate
7. pueblo – Native American settlement in the southwestern United
States especially one consisting of multistoried adobe houses built by
the Pueblo people
8. pursuit – chasing in order to catch
9. sacred – holy; related to religious ceremonies
10. shriveled – dried up; often smaller and wrinkled
11. wrought – cause something to happen
12. –sacr- Latin root meaning “holy” (coming from or connected with
13. uncanny – unexplainable; astonishing
14. vanquish – to defeat; to conquer completely
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