Report Cards! - DERO Technical

Tips/Tricks and Considerations for
creating a standard-based report card
Bob Cornacchioli
DERO Technical Services
Agenda/Participants will be engaged in:
Brainstorming session
Tips and tricks of creating a standard based report card
Learning report card language
ReportWorks vs Object Reports
NOT DYNAMIC so it’s all about real estate.
Exploring the curriculum side of standards
Parkbench Visual PST (object report writer)
Listen to announcements of how these will be given away!
Target Audience – Admins/Curriculum/Lead Secretaries
for more resources
- DERO Technical Services
- PowerDataSolutions
- ANCGroup
- Level Data
Process Assistant
- ParkBench Software
Director of Technology and Media Services –
Shrewsbury Public Schools (16 yrs)
PowerSchool Administrator ( 6 yrs)
Trained in Object Reports?
Created Standard Based Report Cards?
Design Considerations
Years & Terms
Semester – Trimester – Quarters
Landscape vs. Portrait
More space for standard text (65)
Larger Font- Landscape
Headers vs. Standards
Graded or not
Gray Boxes
Code vs. Text (Code & Text)
You or someone else
The subliminal
message do you
send to your
community by the
placement of your
page #1 is
Summative - Student Records
All comments- 1 report card in Student
Record Folder
Better Identifier??
Stay inside the lines
1. Teachers will write TOO MUCH!
2. Set Max Width to keep text in the box
3. SOMEONE must inform teachers of
character max count!
Version 7.03
Comment Length can
be set at the DistrictList Standards-for all
your comment
Content Specific Comments
• Typically reserved for MS Level
• Requires considerably more Real
• If space is not available, tech
team must change code as needed
Do elementary PE Teachers
write comments?
To stay within lines Max Width needs to
be set for each comment area.
ReportWorks – Dynamic
Attendance Codes & Chasing Ghosts
Which code to use/what will it display?
^(*std.stored.high;ELA.5.1;T1;2010) = highest stored grade for standard T1, 2010
^(*std.stored.num;ELA.5.1;T1;11) = average stored grade for standard T1 in Grade 11
^(*std.stored.transavg;ELA.5.1;T1) = stored number grade for standard T1
^(*std.transhigh;ELA.5.1) = stored number grade for standard
= Not Assessed This Term – Strategies!
Teachers will have to either:
1) leave standard blank
2) select a conversion scale choice of NA
3) All standards will be seen by teacher even if
correct term is selected – no element refers to
term ID UNLESS someone changes the Enable
BE ON THE SAME PAGE Key/Assessments
Avoid confusion with homebound papers:
Curriculum/Admin issue NOT Technical!
Sending Home Letter Grades
and Percentages will confuse
Parents and Students
Multi-page Reports
Duplex Printers
Name of Student on
each odd #’d page!
21st Century Effort
Habits of Mind
Essential Skills for Learning
Social Demeanor
Elementary – One teacher – all subjects
Middle School – Multiple teachers – individual subjects
Standard for each, spacing code is significant for the section below
Not Dynamic – space for everything
1. Have admin consider limiting standards in each content area!
2. Battlegrounds between core academics and special subjects
3. Generic Standards for all Performance Groups (BCO) and Foreign Language (F,S,C,L)
Get Ready to Rumble!
Corrections on screen or print?
Create a comment only report for teachers rather than printing entire report cards
Sample available on DERO Technical Website- Report Cards!
So what about ReportWorks?
ReportWorks is a next-generation custom report development solution:
• 1st version to handle grades
• delivering all the benefits of anywhere, anytime web-based access
• feature-rich environment rivaling the capabilities of third party reporting apps
• meets the needs of experienced report developers and beginners
• Attendance recently included
• files listing standards grades are available, however; sharable traditional report
card resources limited at this time
ReportWorks vs. Object Reports
Object Reports are based upon legacy code that is not compatible
with ReportWorks!
Q: Are Object Reports going away?
A: Not anytime soon, $$$$ and time ( 5-8 years – MAYBE!)
Q: If I need a report card for this fall, recommendation?
A: Go with what you know, no experience – contract
Q: Are you planning to create them with ReportWorks?
A: Yes, I’m learning it now between clients
Q: I have a funky schedule with lots of options for student, what
would you use?
A: ReportWorks is dynamic referencing the CC table
Report Tools for the Future?
• Traditional – Handwritten
• Traditional – Electronic
• Standards
• Anchor Standards
• Common Core
• Rubric Assessments by Term
• Graphical Progress on Standards
• Online
• Push Technology
• Audio
• Video
• Cumulative K-12 with yearly progress on Graduation
• Local/State and National Comparisons
Visual object report editor for PowerSchool
District Pricing : $250 / year - total cost for one, or as many
computers or users in your school / school district. Price includes use
on all platforms supported and all updates and upgrades during that
year (365 days).
Renewal of the license is required each year to continue using the
Two licenses have been donated to this conference
What you see is what you get object report writer
Search and Replace in VST
Exciting feature, but!
can easily become
Changing RE to Math could result in
Caution with numbers too
Search and Replace in VST
Cautions with numbers too!
(Grade levels and code tabs)
<tabc 4.02>^(*std.stored.transavg;02.LA.02;Q1)
<tabc 5.20>^(*std.stored.transavg;02.LA.02;Q2)
<tabc 5.97>^(*std.stored.transavg;02.LA.02;Q3)
<tabc 6.78>^(*std.stored.transavg;02.LA.02;Q4)
If a tab measurement contained a portion of the identifier or visa versa, use
punctuation to help delineate the difference!
Oracle Sequencing Error
Oracle handles page numbers as text fields and has trouble sequencing object reports
greater than 9 pages. A sequence error will occur on your print outs... page 10 will be printed
as the 2nd page - page 11 as the 3rd page. Work-Around is to re-order your pages in the file.
In my 12 page example which prints as 1, 10,
11, 12, 2-9.
I had place ELA as the 10th page as client wanted it printed second. Math became the 11th
page and so on. Email me if you have any questions
Of course if your report ( standard-based report cards is less than 10 pages, you have
nothing to worry about!
Bob Cornacchioli
DERO Technical Services