Ashley Ridge High School Media Center Orientation

Take your mind on a journey;
explore your media center.
Media Aide:
Mrs. Moran
This is your library and we encourage you to use it to
complete school assignments and projects, to read,
and to study.
We are here to assist you in selecting personal
reading materials and for locating resources for
Throughout the year, we will have activities that
promote reading and research. These activities are
open to all students.
Activities & Celebrations:
 Learn at Lunch
 Teen Read Week
 National Library Week
 Reader’s Café
 Hispanic Heritage Month
 Native American Heritage Month
 Black History Month
 Poetry Month
 Women’s History Month
Helping students locate and use appropriate
Helping students become independent
users of print and non-print materials
Helping students develop a lifelong love of
1 Newspaper
Summerville Journal Scene
Start computer research with
756 DVD’s/Videos
(Students may not check these out.)
Suggestion Box
Your input is important to us. If you
would like to recommend books or
magazines to be added to the collection,
complete a recommendation card and
drop it in the Suggestion Box at the
Circulation Desk or Make A Wish in
Destiny Quest.
Media Center Hours
Monday through Friday
(Some exceptions in case of faculty
meetings, doctor’s appointments for
media specialists or emergencies.)
Media Center Procedures
 Students enter and exit the
media center through the
main entrance across from the
stairwell near the cafeteria.
 Once ID’s are issued, you must
wear your ID around your
neck the entire time you are in
the media center. No ID, NO
service! Students need to
place book bags along the wall
in the foyer area and proceed
to the circulation desk. (Leave
your valuables in your locker
or keep them with you.)
Main Entrance
Media Center Procedures
 All students must sign in at
the circulation desk upon
entering the media center.
 Students using the media
center before and after school
and during their assigned
lunch period do not need a
 Sign in on the attendance
book (yellow book) closest to
the front entrance. Print your
name, the date and your
purpose for using the media
Media Center Procedures
 Students coming to the media
center from a class must have a
pass with their name, the
teacher’s signature and the
assignment to be completed.
(Passes from substitutes will not
be accepted.)
 Only 2 students may come from
an individual teacher’s class.
 Students should present their
pass to a media staff member and
sign in on the attendance book
(red book) on the far side of the
circulation desk.
 All students need to sign out
before leaving the media center
and get a media staff member’s
signature. A return time must be
indicated on the pass if the
student is to leave before the bell.
Media Center Rules
 No food, candy, gum, drinks
(including water), or health &
beauty aids in the media center.
No socializing. Students are
to read, study or
complete class assignments.
No more than 4 students at each
No electronic devices (includes
personal computers) in the
media center.
No cards or games.
No hanging out in the book
shelves in the back of the library.
Media restroom is for Staff Use
Swamp Fox Etiquette
Be respectful of media staff and fellow students!
Work quietly and do not disturb others. Talking should never hinder
learning for you or for others!
Return any books or magazines that you have pulled from the shelves
to the Book Drop. Do Not shelve them!
Help us keep the media center neat and clean. Throw away all trash!
Place chairs or computer stools neatly under the table before leaving.
Please do not put your feet on tables, sofas or chairs!
Form a line to check out books. Do not spread around the circulation
desk. No cutting line. Be courteous.
Destiny Online Catalog
 Use the online catalog to independently search for
Click the Destiny icon on the desktop or type in the URLhttp://destinyn1
Search by author, title, subject, or keyword.
Note the call number of the book.
Check to see if book is available.
If a book is checked out, you may put it on reserve the at the
circulation desk or in Destiny Quest (See media staff for
assistance with setting up your Destiny Quest account).
To access Destiny from home, click on the link on the media
web page or go to and click on
Ashley Ridge High School.
Checking Out & Renewing Materials
•Students must present an ARHS ID to check out
•Books and playaways may be checked out for 10 school
days and renewed twice, unless the items are on hold for
another student.
•A student may have a maximum of 4 items checked out at
a time. Only one playaway may be included in the total.
•Students should never check out items for another
student. The student who checks out the items will be held
responsible for any fines, damages or lost items.
•Students with outstanding fines or lost items may not
check out additional items until their record is clear.
Checking Out & Renewing Materials
•Students with outstanding fines may not receive report
cards, register for a new school year or participate in the
graduation ceremony until their records have been
cleared in the media center.
•Students who place items on hold at the circulation desk
or in Destiny Quest will be notified through their English
teacher when items are available.
•Students should return books to the Book Drop.
Do not place items that are checked out
on the circulation desk.
Overdue Fines & Fees for Lost Items
•Fines of $ .05 per day are assessed for overdue items.
•A maximum fine of $5.00 per item will be charged.
•Students should pay all overdue fines in the media center
and retain all receipts.
•The purchase price will be charged for lost items unless
the replacement cost is considerably more. Students
should pay in the media center and retain all receipts.
•Date due cards should not be altered, damaged or
removed from the book. A $1.00 fee will be charged for loss
or damage.
Using Media Center Computers
Students must have a signed AUP on file to use the
computers in the media center.
Students must sign up at the circulation desk to gain
access to a computer. Signed AUP’s will be verified.
Students may use the computers for school-related
research, word processing or desktop publishing only.
Students must have a copy of their assignment or a pass
from the classroom teacher stating the reason for
computer use.
Students should not save information on the computer or
make changes to the desktop or computer settings.
Using Media Center Computers
Students accessing sites unrelated to the classroom
assignment , email, or chat rooms will be logged out. A
discipline slip will also be written.
Violation of the Dorchester District Two Internet Policy
could result in loss of internet privileges for the
remainder of the year and other disciplinary action.
The Destiny electronic catalog, OPAC (Online Public
Access Catalog), is available on four search stations in the
media center. These computers should not be used for
any other purpose.
The Destiny online catalog is also available on the
desktop of each of the research computers.
Printing from the Computers
•Students may print from the computers to a printer at the
desk. Copies may be picked up and paid for at the
circulation desk.
•Black and white copies are $ .05 per page. Color printing is
available for $ .50 per 1/2 page or less and $1.00 for more
than 1/2 page to a full page of color.
•Students must select the color printer before printing.
•Students are responsible for all pages printed. Please seek
help to prevent mistakes.
•If you print, you pay!
•The media center has a coin-operated photocopier, but it
does not make change for bills. Students may get change at
the circulation desk. Please do not bring bills larger than
$1.00. Only small amounts of cash may be held overnight in
the media center, so we will be unable to make change for
larger bills.
•Black and white photocopies are $ .10 each.
•Color copies are $ .25 each. See the media specialist for
assistance with color copying.
Media Center Resources
 Circulating Books:
Reference Books
Story Collection
Periodicals (Magazines)
SAT/ACT/AP Test Prep
Electronic databases:
Suggested Book Lists
Printing & photocopying
Media Center Web Page
Downloadable Overdrive
South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Readers
SCYABAR is a group of students and teachers who commit to read at least 3 of the
books that have been nominated for the current South Carolina Young Adult Book
Award. Students may sign up to participate in SCYABAR as a club or as
independent readers. Participants vote in February along with students across the
state to select the award winning title. Come join the fun at our meetings and/or
2012-13 Nominee List
•Bookmarks available in the media center
•Nominee titles are posted on media center web page
Podcasts for 2012-2013 Nominee List
Check the media center web page soon
Don’t delay. Rush to the media center to sign up for SCYABAR
Fire and Emergency Drills
• Students are to quietly vacate the media center
through the emergency exit and meet at the end of the
walkway in the parking lot. Students who join other
groups will be reported for skipping.
• During a Lockdown, students will move into the media
conference room and sit quietly on the floor.
Attendance must be taken and reported to the front
• All drills will be taken seriously and instructions
followed to the letter. Discipline problems will result
in punishment.
The end!
Thank you for your cooperation. We
hope to see you in the media center