Unit 2 Chapter 6 Economy and Expansion Section 1 Growth and

Unit 2 Growth of a New Nation Chapter 7 The Changing US Section 3 Gold and
California pp. 131
In 1848, the huge territory of California had fewer than ____________________ people.
________________________ owned many acres of land on the the American River, near
In January of 1848, he ordered workers to build a __________________ on his property.
_________________________________ was the leader of the work crew.
What did he find in the American River?______________________________________
Why do you think he wished to keep this discovery a secret?
Why do you think the news traveled so quickly?
How many Chinese immigrants arrived?_____________________________________
How many people traveled to California? ____________________________________
What were these travelers called?___________________________________________
What kind of work was digging for gold?____________________________________
Instead of digging for gold to what occupation did many turn? ___________________
Others found work on ___________________________________________________
What happened on September 9, 1850?______________________________________
pp. 133 Do Section 4 Review #’s 3-4. Write a 4-5 sentence paragraph for each.