Leadership Notebooks

W.R. McNeill Elementary School
* Leadership notebooks are an
important part of our students'
learning. Every child,
kindergarten through fifth grade,
has a leadership notebook. These
contain tools and data used by
students to set and help them
achieve academic and personal
* They include things such as
grades, letters from the teacher,
mission statements, behavior
logs, goal sheets, and calendars.
Each grade level's leadership
notebook is different according
to their students' needs.
Behavior Tracking
* At McNeill, every grade tracks
academic progress and behavior
progress, as well as Accelerated
Reader progress.
Kindergarten- Letter Recognition
and Sounds, Counting to 100,
Counting by 5s and 10s, and Sight
* Each grade adds what is
1st grade- Reading, Spelling, Math
* Students write academic and
2nd grade- Reading, Spelling, Math
* Some classrooms also track
3rd grade- Reading, Spelling, Math
grades and fluency, Science, Social
appropriate for their level.
behavioral goals each quarter.
personal victories, write daily
or weekly reflections, and keep
important notes from parents
and teachers.
4th grade- Reading, Spelling, Math
5th grade- Reading, Spelling, Math,
Social Studies, Science
* In the fall, we have an
informational night for parents
about the Leader in Me program.
* We prepare parents for student-
led conferences during this time.
* Some teachers choose to do sign
ups for conferences on this night,
to give parents who attend first
* Additionally, a letter is sent home
to all parents about student-led
* We have experienced positive
feedback from parents, teachers,
and students, especially after
conferences have concluded.