Deutscher Kinderhospizverein e.V.

Volunteer work in an outpatient
children‘s hospice service
Activity fields of the volunteer staff at children‘s
hospice services
Guiding the whole familiy considering psycho-social aspects, from the
day of the diagnostic until the child or youth has passed away.
Participation in the office work of outpatient children‘s hospice
Support activities of public relations.
Tasks for volunteers in a children‘s hospice service
3-4 months preparation training.
Accompany a family 3-4 hours per week.
To be available for the child suffering on a life shortening disease.
To be an interluctor.
Release families by giving needful support in daily life.
Precise support of the children‘s hospice service
Office work
• telephone duty
• writing letters of thanks for donations
• working at the computer; general office duties
Support in public relations
• plan, prepare, and perform events
• talk about their experiences, e.g. in schools or communities
• be a conversation partner for the regional press
The children‘s hospice service ist working with
qualified and voluntary employees (1)
Preparation training:
• 80 hours basic course; 20 hours advanced course
• Over a period of about 3-4 months
• Supervision and regular coaching sessions
Basic information about children's hospice work and family systems.
Dealing with the topics of dying, death and grief, as well as the own
finitude and mortality.
Diseases and age-related development of children.
The children‘s hospice service ist working with
qualified and voluntary employees (2)
Information about the special situation of the children themselves and
their diseases.
• e.g. long course of disease; loss of skills
Information about the special situation of families with children
suffering from life shortening diseases.
Counseling techniques
Behaviour and assistance in crisis situations
Offers for the ill children
Volunteer staff
• company joint activities, such as reading, playing games, or
making excursions
• just being there – to be on the child‘s or youth‘s side
• being conversation partner
• relieve the parents of everyday things
Offers for parents
Relief and spare time
Conversations about difficult themes like
• illness, dying, death and grief
• burden, stress and strain
Connect Exchange with other concerned parents.
Allow contact to inpatient hospices for children.
Informing in questions about the treatment of the symptoms, pain, or
nutritional problems.
Offers for brothers and sisters
Volunteers accompany siblings
e.g. helping with homework or coping with school problems, doing
something together, playing and just having a good time
A volunteer might be a confidential person, an interluctor (in addition
to the parents).
Volunteers are prepared conversation partners in questions of having
fears and being sad.
Volunteer work in an outpatient children‘s hospice
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