HB 5

HB 5
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- $4B
+ $3.4B
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$330M *
* One- time transition aid to assist with newly created TRS employer contribution rate of 1.5% (est. $67.87 per ADA); 2 nd
yr in biennium
HB 5 – Assessment, Curriculum &
HB 5 – Transition Plan by Commissioner
• TEC 28.025(h)
• Foundation Diploma effective Fall 2013
(Commissioner Rules re: Class of 2013)
• Class of 2015, 2016, 2017 have the option of
continuing on one of the current graduation plans
• SBOE will issue rules on new diploma
– November 2013 (First Reading)
– December 2013 (Comment Period)
– January 2014 (Second Reading)
• Eliminates 15% & cumulative provision
• Eliminates EOC exams for class rank/Top 10%
• Eliminates Eng.III/Alg. II EOC exams for
• Reduces EOCs from 15 to 5 needed to graduate:
– English I (reading + writing)
– English II (reading + writing)
– Algebra I
– Biology I
– US History
• STAAR Exams to be released
• ISD shall disclose test results to teachers
• Eliminates double-testing - satisfactory performance
on AP, ACT, SAT can sub for EOC
• Allows ISDs to administer Algebra II and English III
EOCs for diagnostic purposes (beginning in 2015)
• Limit of 2 benchmark tests
HB 5 – Accelerated Instruction (A.I.)
• Students who fail EOC = A.I.
• ISDs must adopt policy limiting pull-out for
• Students need parental permission to miss more
than 10%.
• 90% Rule = final grade
• A.I. may be after hours, outside normal school
• ISDs must have A.I. budget set before comp ed
funds can be used.
• ISDs must evaluate A.I. effectiveness and have
public hearing on results.
HB 5 – Foundation Diploma – 22 credits
• Creates a new Foundation Diploma (22 credits)
– 4 ELA [Eng I, II, III + advanced course*]
– 3 Math [Alg I, Geometry + advanced course*]
– 3 Science [Biology + 2 advanced courses*]
– 3 Social Studies [US, Govt/Econ + W.Geo and/or
– 2 Foreign Language [computer language Ok]
– 1 Fine Arts
– 1 PE
– 5 electives
= 22 credits
*To be determined by SBOE
HB 5 – Jr. High Personal Graduation Plans (PGP)
• TEC 28.0212
• Middle school principals must designate a
counselor, teacher or other personnel to
develop personal grad plans.
• All students must have a personal grad plan
by 9th grade.
• Applies 2014-2015 school year
HB 5 – High School PGP
• TEC 28.02121(a), (b)
• TEA must prepare a document that states:
– a) benefits of choosing a PGP that includes
distinguished level of achievement (which will
help student to be in top ten percent of class) &
– b) “encourages” parents to have the student pick a
grad plan described above
• ISDs must post info on website and share with high
school students/parents
• Applies 2014-2015 school year
HB 5 – High School PGP
• TEC 28.02121(c)
• High school principal must designate a counselor
or administrator to review PGP options with each
student/parent entering grade 9
• PGP options must include distinguished level of
achievement with endorsements
• Before the conclusion of the school year,
student/parent must sign PGP
• Applies 2014-2015 school year
HB 5 – Personal Graduation Plans
• TEC 28.02121(d)
• PGP must identify a course of study that promotes:
– college and workforce readiness and career placement
and advancement and
– facilitates the student's transition from secondary to
postsecondary education.
• ISD may not prevent student/parent from confirming a
PGP that leads to distinguished level of achievement or
an endorsement.
• Student may amend PGP after the initial confirmation
• School shall send written notice to parents re: change.
• Applies 2014-2015 school year
HB 5 – Grad Plan cont. - Endorsements
• Foundation Diploma (22) + Endorsement (4)
= 26 credits
• Endorsements*:
– Business and Industry
– Public Services
– Arts and Humanities
– Multidisciplinary Studies
*To be determined by SBOE
HB 5 – Types of courses in each Endorsement
Business & Industry
- Science
- Technology
- Engineering
- Advanced Math
- Computer Science
- Architecture/Construction
- IT/ Communications
- Accounting/Finance
- Auto Tech/ Welding
- Marketing
- Database Management
- Ag Science/ HVAC
Public Services
- Health Sciences
- Education
- Law Enforcement
- Culinary Arts/Hospitality
HB 5 – Types of Courses in each Endorsement
- Political Science
- World Languages
- English Literature
- History
- Cultural Studies
- Fine Arts
- Allows a student to select
courses from the curriculum
of each endorsement area
*If ISD cannot offer other endorsements, must offer
Multidisciplinary Studies.
HB 5 – Grad Plan cont. - Endorsements
• Endorsement includes:
– an additional flexible math credit,
– an additional flexible science credit and
– two additional electives.
• All students must select an endorsement BUT
may opt for Foundation Plan (22 credits) after
grade 10 with parental consent.
51- 48
HB 5 – Grad Plan cont.- Distinguished Level
• Distinguished Level
Algebra II
• Distinguished Level means:
– students eligible for Top Ten 10%
• All high school students can apply:
– to any college (including UT)
– for Texas Grant
HB 5 – Endorsement Requirement (& Exception)
• TEC 28.025(b)
• ISD shall ensure each entering 9th grader picks an
endorsement (in writing)
• After Sophomore year, student may drop
endorsement ONLY AFTER
– Counselors advised student/parent on benefits
of endorsements AND
– Parent files written permission
• Applies 2013-2014 school year
HB 5 – Foreign Language Requirement & Exceptions
• TEC 28.025(b-12), (b-13), (b-14)
• SBOE shall adopt rules to allow a student to comply
foreign language requirement by substituting 2 credits in
computer programming languages.
• Rules must allow appropriate school personnel to make
determination if student unable to meet the requirement
due to disability (i.e. ARD/ 504 committees)
• Rules must allow student with disability to meet
requirement by credits in English, math, science, social
studies CTE, Tech Apps, or other academic electives.
HB 5 – Performance Acknowledgements
• TEC 28.025(c-5)
• Students may earn performance acknowledgment on
diploma/ transcript
• SBOE must adopt rules
• An acknowledgment is for outstanding performance for:
– dual credit course
– bilingualism and bi-literacy
– AP or IB test
– PSAT, ACT-Plan, SAT, ACT or
– national or international certification or license.
HB 5 – Transcripts
• TEC 28.025(e), (e-1), (e-2), (e-3)
• SBOE will develop new transcript forms
• District must use new transcript forms to report the
academic achievement record of students:
– Foundation Diploma* or certificate of completion
– Endorsement*
– Distinguished Level of Achievement*
– Performance Acknowledgement
– *Must be reported to PEIMS at the end of each year
disaggregated by all student groups
HB 5 – Counseling Re: Postsecondary Education
• TEC 33.007
• Each counselor at elementary, middle, and high school
shall advise student/parent about the importance of
postsecondary education, including financial aid
• Counselor must advise student/parent each year of high
• The info must mention benefits of:
Foundation diploma,
Performance acknowledgement,
Distinguished level of achievement and
disadvantages of GED
• Applies 2014-2015 school year
HB 5 – Acct: Community Engagement
• Each ISD shall evaluate each campus
• District must assign a rating of exemplary, recognized,
acceptable, or unacceptable by August 8 each year.
Fine arts
Wellness /physical education
Community/ parental involvement
21st Century Workforce Development
the second language acquisition program
the digital learning environment
dropout prevention strategies
educational programs for gifted and talented students
• ISD shall use criteria developed by a local committee
• Applies beginning with the 2013-2014
HB 5 New Reporting & Website Requirements
Reporting Requirements for ISDs?
ISD Website Posting Requirements?
HB 5, Sec.8
School districts that choose to offer
courses without SBOE approval must
annually report to the agency the names
of the courses, programs, institutions of
higher education, and internships in
which the ISD’s students have enrolled.
Curriculum Division, 512.463.9581
HB 5, Sec.14
School districts must publish information
that explains the advantages of the
distinguished level of achievement and
each endorsement provided by TEA to
the district on its website. Curriculum
Division, 512.463.9581
HB 5 New Reporting & Website Requirements
Reporting Requirements for ISDs?
ISD Website Posting
HB 5, Sec. 16 At the end of each school year, districts must report No.
through the PEIMS the number of students who,
during that school year, were (1) enrolled in the
foundation high school program; (2) pursuing the
distinguished level of achievement; and (3) enrolled in
a program to earn an endorsement. Curriculum
Division, 512.463.9581
HB 5, Sec. 20 No. However, ISDs must annually evaluate the
effectiveness of accelerated instruction for EOC
assessments and hold a public hearing on the results.
Student Assessment, 512.463.9536; Curriculum,
HB 5, Sec.31 No.
No. However, districts
must disclose a student’s
assessment results to
teacher for that subject.
Student Assessment
Division, 512.463.9536
New Reporting & Website Requirements
Reporting Requirements for ISDs?
HB 5, Sec. 34
TEA must adopt a policy requiring ISDs that No..
elect to administer the Algebra II and English
III assessments to report the results to the
agency. Student Assessment Division,
HB 5, Sec. 46
This statute requires districts to self-evaluate Yes.
and assign to the district and each campus a
performance rating of exemplary, recognized,
acceptable, and unacceptable for
performance in community and student
engagement. By August 8, districts must
report each rating to TEA and the public.
Performance Reporting 512.463.9704
ISD Website Posting