Project TEMBO - Algonquin College

•Ainsley Galipeau
•Amanda Charbonneau
•Carly Roy
•Katie Wong
•Rebecca Zunder
•Rob Cole
•Stevie-Lee Voisine
•Taylor-Faith Mundee
Project TEMBO gives girls an opportunity to go to
school and empowers women to start their own
businesses in the villages of Longido and
Kimokouwa, Tanzania.
 In
Northern Tanzania, living in a patriarchal
society, women have limited opportunities
for employment and very few rights.
 The annual income for families in Tanzania
is $280.00 – the cost for one girl to go to
secondary school is $250.00. This barely
leaves enough money for basic food and
shelter needs.
 Girls who do not go to school are married
off to older men by their fathers and begin
child bearing immediately.
(Project TEMBO, 2010)
 To
educate the public about the inequality and
poverty in Northern Tanzania
 To raise awareness of the organization
Project TEMBO
 To raise as much money as possible for
educational opportunities through Project
 To gain experience in community service
 To learn how to put others’ needs before our
 Bake
 Merchandise
 Project
 Red
Carpet in
 Bake
Sale was on Friday, March 4th
 Everyone was responsible for contributing
baked goods
 We set up our table outside the Registrars’
 While selling our baked goods we educated
our customers about Project TEMBO and
exactly where their donations were going
 This was a joint effort with Seminar Class 040
– together we made…
 We
held our event at P.J. Quigley's, a local
family restaurant, on Sunday, March 20th
 We sold raffle and door prize tickets, TEMBO
merchandise, and had a donation jar
 Friends, family and members of the
community came out to enjoy our live jazz
band and to support us!
 We made…
 We
set up a TEMBO merchandise table on 4
different occasions
 While selling merchandise, we educated our
customers about Project TEMBO and the
origin of the merchandise
 We made…
March 16th -
March 18th -
March 20th -
March 28th -
 This
was our major fundraising activity which
we planned with Lorie’s Field Preparation
Seminar Class
 This event took place in the Observatory at
Algonquin College
 We had a pool tournament, TEMBO
merchandise, silent auction, quilt tickets, and
donation jars
 All together we made….
 Through
all our events we made…
 For
each event, we had sub-groups where
different students were in charge of specific
 At team meetings, we alternated the position
of chair and minute-taker between each
member of our group
This gave each team member the chance to take
initiative and show their leadership skills
We agreed upon a schedule for weekly team
meeting for the role of chair and minutetaker
We created a financial goal - $3000
We discussed which fundraising events and
activities we would implement
We partnered with Lorie’s Field Preparation
Class and held joint meetings to discuss our
joint events
We designated roles for each team member
We agreed upon the timeline
We may not reach our financial goal
 Event booking issues
 Conflicting ideas
 Different schedules
 Soliciting the community for our raffle or silent
auction items
 Balancing the community service learning project
with the other class demands
 Find attendees for our events
 Different levels of participation and expectations
 Communication
 Our
group consists of 9 students and 1
 With Lorie’s class we have 19 students and 2
 Project
Handcrafted Tanzanian merchandise was
generously donated to us to sell
 Algonquin
Allowed us to use the bake sale area,
merchandise selling area, and the Observatory
 Beth
Handcrafted baby quilt and matching pillowcase
We made….
 P.J.
Allowed us to use their space and invite our
friends and families
They helped us advertise for our event
Provided us with gift baskets and raffle tickets
 Community
Donated gift cards, baskets and products
 Tickets
and posters were donated by P.J.
 Money was raised through ticket sales for the
 All other funding was donated by local
community businesses
Our sponsors
 This
experience has been rewarding and has
enhanced our ability to communicate, work
as a team and identify the needs of others
 We have built strong team spirit and have
learned to recognize one another’s strengths