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Biomass Wastes as Renewable Source of Energy and Chemicals for the Industry
with Friendly Environmental Impact
Research Group: BRAF, Biowastes Fed Biorefinery
Enzo Montoneri, Silvia Tabasso
[email protected]
Research Activity
Research goals: pgrading residual biomasses as
source of bio-based products for the chemical industry
and for agricultural uses upgrading biomasses, such as
compost, anaerobic digestate and organic residues
from mechanical-biological treatment plants, as source
of bio-based products for the chemical industry and for
agricultural uses
Research methods: Characterization of the soluble
substances (SBO) isolated from residual biomasses:
chemical nature, properties and technological
performance in environmental technology, agriculture,
animal husbandry and fabrication of materials. Pilot
plant studies for process and products development to
industrial and commercial scale.
Research results: SBO have been demonstrated
competitive products for use in agriculture and in
animal husbandry, as well as for remediation of
contaminated soils and water and for the manufacture
Pilot plant in Rivarolo Canavese (TO
of biodegradable plastics.
“Biochemenergy”. (Regione Piemonte). A project to turn an urban wastes treatment plant into
biorefinery for the production of energy, chemicals and consumer’s products with friendly
environmental impact.
“Agrienergia” (Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali).
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