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Iswaryam Eco Farms Promoter (I) Pvt Ltd
is Chennai based Agriculture land
development company. We are inviting
angel investors for our upcoming farm
house project at Olakkur, Tindivanam.
 We are basically ‘Agri land developers’,
and thus have a wide portfolio. We invest
funds to purchase agricultural and nonagricultural, and then develop it in terms
of facilities such as electricity, water,
Challenges in Real Estate
Are you using your property daily, monthly
or yearly ?
Are your investment with in your control ?
Any returns from your investment ?
Our Motto is to Stop Greying
green lands
If thousands of acres of land have been given away to
corporate’s, thrice that area have been converted into
residential Lay outs.
► Luxury apartments, villas and gated communities
have mushroomed on the land which once grew
vegetables and fruits to meet the City’s needs.
► Most farmers see land conversion and sale of
agricultural land as a way out. The soaring real estate
price has made its impact on several villages of
Tamilnadu as farmers are selling their patch of land to
afford the luxury of urban life
You can participate active farming while visiting
our farms
Your kids will have nice Mud Bath followed by
Pump set Bath
Your kids will enjoy playing out door activities
You will taste real village foods
You will enjoy villages games/cultural
Away from your work/home/cell phones/TV
Perfect Outing to release your Stress!
Lets Go & Explore Weekends!
Enjoy the Lush Green of 30 Acres
 Breath Oxygen riched un polluted Air
 Away From Noise Pollution
 Enjoy the Eco safe integrated farm
Why Near Dindivanam?
Reasons for rating Dindivanam as an
important/potential place- TN Map growing very
speed. Lot of industries/educational institutions is
coming very near to this place.
Tindivanam will be a major junction. It is the gate
way to all five states of South India.
Real Image of our farm as on 25/12/12
Amenities will be offered
•25 Nos Tree saplings
• Drip Irrigation system
• Free Solar Street Light
• Veg products while visiting our farms
• Life time Security
• 6 yrs free maintenance agreement
•Individual Fencing with gate (Extra Cost)
•Water Connection for each plot (Extra Cost)
• MSEB Connection (Extra Cost)
Expected Features
► One time investment.
► More than 20 plot promoters around our project.
► NH present 4-way to 6-way lane conversion in
► Local Electric Tain facility get extention upto
Villupuram by 2014.
► Assured High returns! (With in 2yrs*).
► Returns as products or shared profit from your
farmland* (condition apply).
► Agriculture income is totally tax exempted.
► Can Avail any time Agri loan with minimum
► Bright Future for farmers ahead!
Future Plans
► Club
House facility only for members
► Party Hall
► Agri tourism on 2 Acres land for educating
school children
► Old Age Home (Free)
► Adapting nearby Govt school needy kids
Future plans – Continues…
Integrated farms with cows
Cober gas generator for lighting
Solar street lights
Wind mill power generation
Battery operated car for roaming around
the farms
• Herbal & Organic plantations
What for you are waiting?
• For Better Investment along with the
nations pride as FARMER!
• Call us 72000 44454 or 72000 66688
• Visit us
• See the present status of our farm by
clicking below link:
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 Thanks for your Valuable Time