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New and Young Workers
2012 Blitz
Workplace Safety North Stakeholder Webinar
Roy Ford Provincial Specialist
Occupational Health and Safety Branch, MOL
Ministry of Labour
This presentation has been prepared to assist workplace parties in
understanding their obligations under the Occupational Health and
Safety Act (OHSA) and the regulations. It is not intended to replace the
OHSA or the regulations and reference should always be made to the
official version of the legislation.
It is the responsibility of the workplace parties to ensure compliance
with the legislation. If you require assistance with respect to the
interpretation of the legislation and its potential application in specific
circumstances, please contact your legal counsel.
Ministry of Labour
Today’s Objectives
 To provide stakeholders with an overview of the Ministry of Labour
New and Young Workers Blitz, May through August, 2012
 To outline the Ministry of Labour’s (MOL) expectations and the focus
of MOL inspectors
 To provide information about resources to assist workplace parties
Ministry of Labour
Safe At Work – Compliance Strategy
Safe At Work Ontario (SAWO) is the Ministry of Labour’s compliance strategy
which is designed to:
improve the health and safety culture of workplaces,
reduce workplace injuries and illness,
avoid costs for employers as a result of work related WSIB claims, and
provide a level playing field for compliant employers
Safe At Work Ontario is risk based, and focuses on sector hazards and on
building and sustaining a health and safety culture in the workplace.
For additional information, see the Ministry of Labour SAWO website:
Ministry of Labour
Blitz Goals
 Raise awareness of hazards
 Check that employers identify and control hazards
 Check that employers address and remedy non-compliance with the OHSA
and its regulations
 Deter non-compliant employers
 Enhance health and safety partnerships; and
 Promote improved health and safety for workers IRS
 Provide Information and Resources.
Ministry of Labour
In 2011 the New and Young Workers Blitz
• Between May 1 to August 31, 2011, MOL inspectors conducted 3,458 blitz-related field
visits to
2,847 workplaces and
9,799 orders, under the OHSA,
214 stop work orders
• From the total of 9,799 orders issued in Industrial sectors:
8,625 were time based orders (88.0%),
862 were forthwith orders (8.8%),
98 were plan orders (1.0%), and
214 were stop work orders (2.2%)
Ministry of Labour
Why focus on New and Young Workers?
 The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) has identified that any new worker, of
any age on the job, is up to four times more likely to be injured during the first
month than any other time performing that job.
 Research* shows that our youth often:
• Lack orientation and job-specific training
• Lack supervision
• Are unaware of their legal rights and obligations
• May be physically, cognitively and emotionally underdeveloped; and
• Underestimate the dangers associated with work, thus increasing the
potential likelihood of injury.
 Between 2006 and 2010, 34 young workers aged 15 to 24 died in workrelated incidents, according to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
*Breslin, Day, Tompa et al, 2006; Breslin, 2009; McCloskey, 2008; NRC Institute of
Medicine, 1998.
Ministry of Labour
About the New and Young Workers Blitz
 The New and Young Workers Blitz will be conducted in the industrial and
health care sectors, in extended coverage workplaces and low-rise
construction projects.
 It will last four months (May through August, 2012).
 In addition to inspecting for compliance with all legislative requirements,
MOL inspectors will check specifically for:
 whether required employer orientation, training and supervision are in
 what safety measures are in place to prevent injuries to this vulnerable
group of workers
Ministry of Labour
About the New and Young Workers Blitz
New and young workers defined:
 new workers, 25 years of age or more, on the job less than 6
months or reassigned to a new job
 young workers, 14-24 years of age
 Any new hire-permanent or temporary, including supervisors, with or
without experience in the industry and any current workers who are
assigned new jobs are at increased risk.
Ministry of Labour
Where do we go ?
High incidence of lost time injuries in the sector;
Identified as a high priority workplace;
Historical data indicating workplaces that have highly hazardous processes and
equipment, workplaces in respect of which complaints have been received by the
Ministry, and overall have poor compliance history;
New and young workers are often employed, including regular and seasonal
employment in workplaces; or
Inspector with local intelligence should identify workplaces not previously visited.
Ministry of Labour
About the New and Young Workers Blitz
In the Health Care sector, inspectors will focus on:
 Long Term Care Homes
 Retirement Homes
 Acute Care Hospitals
 Developmental Services (Supported Group Living / Intensive Group Residences)
Industrial inspectors will focus on the following types of workplaces:
 Service sector (e.g. retail establishments, restaurants)
 Farming operations: Poultry, Greenhouses, Mushroom, Tobacco, Field Crops, Processors
 Tourism/hospitality (e.g. amusement parks, hotels, campgrounds, marinas)
 Logging (e.g. tree planting)
 Municipalities (e.g. municipally operated parks and recreation facilities, camps, arenas, pools)
 Transportation (e.g. couriers, trucking, movers)
 Non-regulated workplaces
 Other sectors as identified by Regions (according to local field intelligence)
Construction: low-rise residential
Ministry of Labour
How will this Blitz support SAWO?
 Encourage employers to identify hazards related to New and Young Workers,
so that they can implement corrective action, including developing and
implementing control measures and procedures, and worker training to
reduce injuries that may occur to these vulnerable workers.
 Act as a deterrent to employers who are in non-compliance with the OHSA
and the applicable regulations.
 Promote and raise awareness about the increased risk of injury to New and
Young Workers.
 Promote sustained improvements to workplace culture regarding
occupational health and safety.
 Enhance partnerships with Health and Safety Associations and other
stakeholders which will help reduce injuries to Ontario workers.
Ministry of Labour
What may MOL inspectors look for?
Inspectors in all sectors may focus on the following:
 Training, Orientation and Supervision
 Minimum Age Requirements
 Internal Responsibility System
 Joint Health and Safety Committee/Health and Safety Rep
 Safety Measures
 Materials handling
 Mechanical device usage
 Machine guarding
 Personal protective equipment
 Ladder usage
 Musculoskeletal Disorders / Repetitive Strain Injuries
 Occupational illness
Ministry of Labour
What may MOL inspectors look for?
Inspectors will look at with respect to contraventions of the following:
 Falls from Height
 Minimum Age Requirements (e.g. section 4 of the Industrial Establishments
 Machine Guarding/Lockout
 Personal Protective Equipment
 Confined Space
Ministry of Labour
Compliance with the OHSA and its Regulations
 MOL inspectors will enforce the OHSA and its regulations with respect to
New and Young Workers, including the following:
Occupational Health and Safety Act, Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990
Industrial Establishments O.Reg. 851/90
Health Care and Residential Facilities O. Reg. 67/93
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), R.R.O. 1990,
Reg. 860
 The workplace parties are required to comply with applicable provisions of
the OHSA and its regulations.
Ministry of Labour
Compliance with the OHSA and its Regulations
 Duties of employers under subsection 25(2) of the OHSA include, but are
not limited to:
 provide information, instruction and supervision to a worker to protect the
health and safety of the worker, clause 25(2)(a)
 when appointing a supervisor, appoint a competent person, clause 25(2)(c)
 acquaint a worker or person in authority over a worker with any hazard in the
work and in the handling, storage, use, disposal and transport of any article,
device, equipment or a biological, chemical or physical agent, clause 25(2)(d);
 afford assistance and co-operation to a committee and a health and safety
representative in the carrying out by the committee and the health and safety
representative of any of their functions, clause 25(2)(e);
 only employ in or about a workplace a person over such age as may be
prescribed, clause 25(2)(f);
 take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a
worker, clause 25(2)(h)
Ministry of Labour
Last year 2011 Top 10 Orders
The top 10 most frequently asked issued orders related to the failure to comply with the
requirements for:
1. Taking reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of workers
2. Maintain Equipment in good condition
3. Preparing and reviewing of health and safety policy and the development of a program to implement
the policy
4. Posting a copy of the OHSA at the workplace
5. Providing workers with information, instruction and supervision to protect their health & safety
6. Violence in the workplace program
7. Health and safety representative
8. Violence and harassment policies in the workplace
9. Workplace inspections
10. Machine guarding and lockout
Ministry of Labour
Top 10 Sub-Sector Orders 2011
The top 10 sub-sectors in the Industrial Program and the number of orders
that were issued:
Food &
Vehicle &
Wood &
Textile &
Ministry of Labour
Summary of the New and Young Workers Blitz
 Ministry of Labour (MOL) inspectors will carry out the Blitz regarding New
and Young Workers, through workplace inspections that occur between May
1st and August 31st, 2012 in order to:
 ensure compliance with the OHSA and its regulations
 MOL Inspectors will be using enforcement tools (i.e. orders, Part I tickets,
Part I Summons, Part III prosecution) as appropriate when contraventions
are found.
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Labour Resources
 Young worker portal on the Ministry of Labour’s website:
 Ministry of Labour’s WorkSmartOntario website for information on workplace
health and safety and workers’ employment rights and obligations:
 Ministry of Labour’s WorkSmartCampus health and safety information geared
to post-secondary students:
 Young Workers Tip Sheets – for Employers, Supervisors, Parents and
 Provincial Blitz Schedule and Previous Blitz Results:
 Sector Plans:
Ministry of Labour
Worker guide
Step 1: Get On Board
Step 2: Get in the Know
Step 3: Get Involved
Step 4: Get More Help
Employer guide
Face to face
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Contact the Ministry of Labour
 The Ministry of Labour has launched a new toll-free number to report a
workplace health and safety incident, critical injury, fatality or work
 The public can also call this number if they suspect unsafe work
practices or for general inquiries.
 The number operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
 Your local Ministry of Labour office may be found at:
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Thank You!
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