Noise Pollution - Role Play -

Noise Pollution
- Role Play Group1
Park Young Kyu
Bae Jung Eun
Zhang Yiheng
Jagdal Erdentungalag
 Introduction & Definition
 Sources
 Human health effects by Doctor
 Environmental effects by Environmentalist
 Role Play
 How to reduce the noise pollution
by Environmentalist
 Summary & Q&A
 What is noise?
YouTube - Noise Pollution - Noises we hear
 Displeasing sound that disrupts the activity
or balance of human or animal life.
 Transportation systems
motor vehicle noise, aircraft noise,
rail noise, car alarms
 Poor urban planning
side-by-side industrial, residential buildings
 Working place
office equipment, factory machinery,
construction work, grounds keeping
 Residental area
barking dogs, appliances, loudspeakers and
noisy people
Human health effects
 Hearing loss
Human health effects
Human health effects
 Cardiovascular effect
In 1999, the World Health Organization.
long-term noise exposure above 6770dB and noise levels of 50 dB at night
Human health effects
 Elevated blood pressure
1) Lead to elevated blood pressure because of
increased adrenaline levels
2) Increased frequency
of headaches, fatig
-ue, stomach ulcers
and vertigo
Human health effects
 low-birth weight babies (less than 2,500 g)
The difference between the hormone levels of
pregnant mothers in noisy versus quiet areas
Human health effects
 Annoyance
Young children develop speech or reading
Environmental effects
 Reduction of usable habitat
- the death of certain species of beached
whales, brought on by the loud sound of
military sonar
Environmental effects
 Zebra finches become less faithful to their
partners when exposed to traffic noise
Role Play
 Doctor: Zhang Yiheng
Patience: Jagdal Erdentungalag
Environmentalist: Bae Jung Eun
How to reduce the noise
 Suggest the solution from Environmentalist
1.noise barriers,
traffic contol.
limitation of vehicle speeds, heavy vehicles
2. Redesign of industrial equipment,
shock mounting assemblies,
physical barriers
Summary & Q&A