Chapter Review
Condition in which the growth or
maturation of bodily parts is
What is asynchrony?
Possible parental interpretation of an
adolescent’s unpredictable behavior.
What is Adolescent rebellion?
Acting in accord with group norms or
What is Conformity?
The end of childhood and the point
when reproduction is first possible;
sexual maturation.
What is puberty?
Small, exclusive group of people
within a larger group.
What is a clique?
Eating disorder characterized by a
fear of gaining weight that results in
prolonged self starvation and
dramatic weight loss.
What is anorexia?
First menstraul period.
What is menarche?
Period when males achieve first
What is spermarche?
Eating disorder characterized by
compulsive overeating followed by
self-induced vomiting or laxative
What is bulimia nervosa?
Ceremonies in which an individual is
admitted to new status or accepted
into a new position.
What are initiation or rites of
She theorized that adolescence
marked by storm and stress was a
by-product of an industrialized
Who is Margaret Mead?
Just before puberty, children
a. A period of storm and stress
b. Menarche or spermarche
c. A rapid increase in height and
d. The development of pubic hair
Answer: C
Rapid increase in height and weight.
Boys who mature early
a. Do not do as well in early
b. Tend to withdraw and rebel
c. Are more self-confident
d. Tend to be followers instead of
Answer: C
Are more self-confident.
When asked, what do most
adolescents not like about
Their physical appearance.
What stage of cognitive development
is reached during adolescence?
What is Formal operations?
Eating disorders are more common in
a. Industrialized nations
b. Communist countries
c. Less-developed countries.
d. Culturally diverse countries
Answer: A
Industrialized countries.
Many adolescents develop this
“complex” and believe they can
save the world from evil.
What is the “messiah complex”?
This psychologist described some
problems adolescents develop as a
result of immaturity and abstract
thought processes.
Who is Dr. David Elkind?
A process whereby an individual
seeks to explain an often
unpleasant emotion or behavior in a
way that preserve his or her selfesteem.
What is rationalization?
A period of inner conflict during which
adolescents worry intensely about
who they are.
What is identity crisis?
This psychologist believed that
building an identity is a task that is
unique to adolescence.
Who is Erik Erikson?
Albert Bandura’s view of human
development which emphasizes
interaction with others as most
What is the social learning theory?
Judith Rich Harris claims that this
group, not parents, teach their
children how to behave in the
What are peer groups?
The sex group (masculine or
feminine) to which an individual
biologically belongs.
What is gender identity?
Combining or blending traditionally
male and female characteristics.
What is androgyny?
An oversimplified or distorted
generalization about the
characteristics of men and women.
What is a gender stereotype?
The set of behaviors that society
considers to be appropriate for each
What is gender role?
One of the areas with the most
significant differences between
males and females is
a. Math ability
b. Aggression
c. Verbal ability
d. The number of friends they have
Answer: B
This theory states that children
acquire gender roles by interacting
with their environment and
thinking about those experiences.
What is the cognitive-developmental
This theory explains gender
differences as a process that occurs
in young childhood when the child
identifies with his or her same-sex
What is the psychoanalytic theory?
Who uses more hedges and
disclaimers when talking? Males or
Females do.
Kind of…I mean…like….
Name one characteristic of early
developing girls.
May feel embarrassed rather than
Some begin dating older boys
Some become bossy with people
their own age.
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