Standard 15 Resource Utilization

Standard 15. Resource Utilization
The registered nurse utilizes appropriate resources to plan
and provide nursing services that are safe, effective and
financially responsible.
Resource Utilization
Resource utilization is the amount of a good and service
consumed or the pattern of use of a good or service within
a specified time period.
• Nurses have a key role in determining health care resource
needs, obtaining those resources and often participating in
the allocation of scarce resources.
• Quality care remains the goal in healthcare and outcomes
focused plans of care have been shown to contain resource
utilization and enhance quality
Applications of the Standard
Current nursing education stresses the use of evidence to
inform practice and to develop an evidence-based practice to
be effective and efficient.
Applications of the Standard
Coordinate and monitor the quality and cost effectiveness of
health care resource utilization in their organization, both
personnel and patient care.
Applications of the Standard
Quality Improvement
The standard of safe, effective and financially responsible nursing
care demands that nurses participate in the identification of waste,
redundancy, errors, and inefficient and unsafe systems.
Applications of the Standard
Point-of-care evaluation of the utilization of resources; i.e.,
Transitional Care Models, Comparative Effectiveness.